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Travel size CeraVe bottles! Yay!

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    Travel size CeraVe bottles! Yay!

    I wanted to share that I happened upon travel size bottles of CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer in my local CVS today. For those of you with sensitive skin (like me), this might be welcoming and exciting news. After buying them I researched on-line and learned that CeraVe introduced the travel size product recently to "select CVS stores" in early November 2012. I normally transfer the big size cleanser and moisturizer to a travel size bottle but I make a total mess and I would gladly purchase these small bottles even though they are a bit pricey at $2/bottle. This is good news for my upcoming holiday travels.

    I should note that I found the bottles near the beauty/make-up section and not the travel bins in my local CVS.
    Hope this helps some folks out there!

    Have a good day

    nsh -- Technically, Cerave has had travel-sized bottles for a long time, in the form of samples that are available from dermatologist offices. The moisturizer and moisturizing cleansers have been available for years in their miniature version of the bottles in 1-ounce quantities. They also started offering the foaming cleaners in those same sized bottles, except for some reason they only filled them halfway so if you read the labels they only contain half an ounce each.

    The foaming cleaners last forever, anyway. So I used to decant a full ounce into the bottles and they would last me weeks.

    They also offered sample tubes of their AM and PM moisturizer formulations. Those tubes were TINY so I used to carry a few with me on my travels. For folks willing to carry maximum-sized travel bottles though, the REGULAR bottles are 3 ounces, so they can go right into a 3-1-1 bag.

    The "travel-sized" bottles are also big. I got some earlier this year (they introduced them at a dermatologist convention and I snagged a few on eBay from someone who attended it, before Cerave announced the new travel-sized bottles on their FB page). Same shape as the full-sized bottles but something like 3 ounces. Again, they are HUMONGOUS, so unless you don't normally travel with a lot of toiletries, it might be too big to get them to all fit.

    By the way if you shop at CVS and you wear make-up, you might want to pick up their store-branded makeup remover wipes. They come in a box of two packets. Each packet contains 30 wipes but unlike other brands like Olay, the CVS wipes are only about two-inch squares so the packets are very small and will easily fit in your makeup bag. They're a great way to get mascara and the top layer of foundation off before you use a Cerave foaming cleanser to get squeaky clean.


      Thank you for all the information. I only recently started using CeraVe (ugh- new to rosacea:/) so I did not know enough about how to get smaller sized bottles without making my usual mess. I had used Cetaphil which is still great but I was so excited to see the small bottles of CeraVe in the store today!

      The make-up wipes are a great idea for trips when I wear make-up.
      Thank you


        Cetaphil is nice, too!

        Sorry to hear about your recent skin problems. But with Cetaphil and Cerave, you'll be in good shape.

        Are you familiar with the skincare products from Paula Begoun? You might want to take a look; she carries a lot of things for folks with skin problems.


          Speaking of small sample bottles and products, do you know of any hotel chains which have shampoo in one bottle and conditioner in another.

          The annoying trend has been to offer shampoo/conditioner which my hair hates with a passion. Thus rewarding me with either hair like the guy in "Back to the Future" giving me volume tangle, or, with Adams' family ultra flat blah hair which look like they haven't been rinsed (I can assure you they were, multiple times in warm/ lukewarm and almost cold water)

          I want to look good so it is a big bother.
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            In the last year, I've stayed at Marriott, Hyatt, Kimpton, Starwood, and Hilton-owned hotels, and all of them had separate shampoo and conditioner. Seems like it would make sense to bring your own?


              Originally posted by backpack View Post
              Speaking of small sample bottles and products, do you know of any hotel chains which have shampoo in one bottle and conditioner in another.
              Yes, the Disney Cruise Line, in its cabins (ducks).

              Actually I think all the Disney resort hotels have separate shampoos and conditioners.

              I usually carry my own bottle of conditioner because I don't trust hotels to supply them. I've also discovered that the small bottles of conditioner that come in boxes of hair dye are awesome. They tend to be on the thicker side but if you color your hair, make sure to hold onto the small tubes. They are always under 100 ml so they will fit in 3-1-1 kits, and if they're too thick, you can just use a small dollop. Dillute it in your palm before using, and you're all set.

              If you have trouble with tangled hair, you can also use the Johnson's detangle spray for kids. It's basically just weakened conditioner so you can add diluted conditioner in your spray bottle). You can even take that on your travels. Spritz some on your hair when you travel so it doesn't get all nasty dry in an airplane.


                You both are wonderful, thank you so much!

                What my hair doesn't like is conditioner, even an organic expensive one make it tangle. With shampoo by itself, I am all set. So one less stuff to shlep. Yipeee!