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Brimfield, MA Antique Fair

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    Brimfield, MA Antique Fair

    I went to the famous Brimfield, MA antique fair yesterday. It's one of those things I'd always thought would be neat to do but didn't for whatever reason. The weather was great and I had fun searching around for things. I took a few pictures to share.

    The fair is broken up into different fields on either side of a one mile piece of Route 20, one of the main roads through town. On the way I saw where the tornado came through town about almost two years ago. No shots of that unfortunately since my camera was being finicky for a few minutes. It was something to see, mostly just woods but utterly destroyed. Anyway, this is looking either direction on the road in Brimfield at the fair.

    Looking across the street into one of the fields. It stretches quite a way in from the road.

    An old car that we passed.

    The Brimfield post office. I wonder if people who are into binary code would want all their mail postmarked from here - 01010.

    Just one of the many very interesting things you can find at the fair.

    I picked up a few things. Four old pocketknives...

    And also an old drill bit holder, a pair of long jaw needle nose pliers (should be great for working cord) and an old dressmaker's cutting die in the shape of a Scottie dog (this will be a gift for my mom).

    If there's anything such as beginner's luck I had it. I only covered maybe a third of the total area but found great deals and met some nice folks. It's a lot of walking, and dodging people with carts, but definitely worth it. If you ever have the chance to go I would highly recommend making the trip.