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    Favorite Podcasts

    When I travel I love to listen to podcasts; since I often get carsick on bus or car trips and can't read.

    Some of my favorites: Travel with Rick Steves, The Moth, This American Life, and The Dave Ramsey radio show (I like listening to people's freedom screams when they have zero debt!)

    Do you have any favorite podcasts you like to listen to on trips?
    I would like to hear your favorites.

    Podcasts and audiobooks... I listen to them while rowing or lifting weights...

    The Thomas Jefferson Hour, Skeptoid, Practical Defense, and of course, TED talks.
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      Podcasts are my all time favorite! Such a great way to learn so much that is going on. Universities have wonderful lectures online too--I find them fascinating. I love Wait, Wait, Don't Tell--cracks me up each and every time. ofcourse Ted Talks, The Moth and so much more. They have kept me sane in my daily impossible commute in DC!


        The Moth,This America Life and of course Car Talk are my favorites.
        I also have a lot of Audio Books and a 2 per month plan since 2002 or so.

        I love the iPod!


          The only podcast I listen to regularly is the Pen Addict.

          When driving or on trips I'll catch up on a few other podcasts I subscribed to in iTunes, such as Adam Carolla.
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            My favourite podcasts are all from the CBC: As it Happens, Quirks and Quarks, Ideas, Spark.


              i listen to COAST TO COAST AM. all my music are from podcasts of DJ mixes.
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                My favorites are: This American Life, The Moth, Risk, and the Tobolowsky Files. I usually don't have enough time for them, but I also enjoy "Stuff you should know" and "Stuff you missed in history class."

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                  Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin, WTF with Marc Maron (heavy on dirty language and neurosis!), A.D.D. Comedy with David Razowsky and Ian Foley (for comedy nerds, maybe even more specifically improv comedy nerds, but the Stephen Colbert episode is fantastic even if you're not that nerdy).