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    Wow! Incredible flood in Calgary area. At least 100 000 evacuated including the whole town of High River, much of downtown flooded and without power, most bridges closed- 4 dead confirmed. Fortunately i live on higher ground and aside from a minor basement leak i am fine. Miking and others in Southern Alberta????

    It will be almost a week before most are allowed back and they figure the cost will be close to a billion. And this is a semi arid area!

    I've seen some pictures, NOT good. The loss of life is sad. I hope every one stays safe.
    List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


      I have been displaced but don't expect any damage to my property (2nd floor suite) I was lucky enough to be offered a guest bedroom so I can leave the hotels to those who need them. I'm glad to hear you are doing alright! If you need any help drying out the basement let me know, I still have contacts with a safety company that has dehumidifiers, blower fans and all the necessary chemicals to get rid of any mold that could happen.


        It is quite something else to see. there have been so many of these "unusual" and out of pattern weather related events, and it does give new and concrete meaning to "climate change." I hope everyone is ok...it must be really hard.


          And i truly appreciate how much the folks on this forum are willing to help and connect with each other. Truly--that is what makes this forum so different and special from other ones that I am on.


            My little sis is in Calgary. Lucky for her she lives on a hill in the Radisson Heights/Albert Park area. I was about to visit her in a couple of weeks. I have my plane ticket and Stampede tickets but I wonder how this will all turn out. I've never witnessed such extreme weather in Canada (except for a snow day here and there) or maybe I just live in a bubble.


              Thanks, Miking. It is a very small leak, easily dealt with by a few towels and my basement is mostly unfinished. I may need to replace one sheet of drywall in my semiunfinished basement bathroom.

              Lime, it will be interesting to see if they can get the Stampede grounds up and running in time. There are a lot of fabulous volunteers and community minded people in Calgary.
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                I will be down at the grounds every day as soon as it dries up I can keep you updated about how the show is going, I was scheduled to be in on friday to hang lights on the transAlta grandstand stage, one of the bigger draws at stampede, it is normally about a week to hang all the lights and program the desk and work out the cues. The problem with the stage is that it can't move if the horse track isn't tottally dry, the other problem is that all the show controls, elevators for the stage, dressing rooms and green rooms are under ground :$
                Click image for larger version

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                The Nashville North beer gardens stage can be moved anywhere remotely close to the grounds and will still attract a crowd.

                The saddledome looks like this right now...
                Click image for larger version

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                (Photos not mine)
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                  Something to think about:

                  Winter Storm Disrupts Air Traffic in New Zealand

                  Singapore Haze Worst Yet; Malaysia Shuts Schools

                  More Homes Evacuated in Western U.S Wildfires

                  Monsoon Floods Kill More than 100 in India, thousands of people stranded in mountains villages after landslides

                  3 Million New Yorkers in NYC Evacuation Zone

                  May Global Temps Third Warmest on Record
                  June 20, 2013

                  10 Signs Global Warming is Happening Now

                  June 19, 2013

                  World Hits 'Unnerving' Greenhouse Gas Milestone 400 part per million

                  Animals Changing Their Behavior

                  Sea Birds in Peril because food source has shifted away from breeding ground

                  Arctic Ice Shrinks to Record Low

                  Rising Sea Levels Already Threatening Caribbean

                  Hot Days Are on the Rise

                  Mount Everest's Ice is Melting

                  Great Lakes Ice is Shrinking

                  The Arctic is Becoming More Acidic

                  Climate Refugees Already On the Move

                  I was brought in the reality of climate change in the late 90's while studying mammals, their behavior and ecosystem.

                  Scientist had detected the change in the 70's, but of course the rich and famous 80's and the shoulder pads and big hair 90's, or is it vice versa, in any rate, the two decades of selfishness. ignored the warnings.

                  Solution: wind and solar electricity powered public transports, truck, cars...

                  World's Largest Solar Boat Tracks Impact of Climate Change. Maybe even boats?

                  I have tried to present the data in a light hearted way on various forums but the worsening of the reality means that now, I better use a mammoth approach if I don't want to follow them into extinction.

                  Articles can be found here on Weatherunderground Seattle, WA Weather Forecast from Weather Underground


                    Lime, Stampede is running pretty much on schedule, lots of hard work going on, little sleep! Somehow this last week I have more billable hours than there was actual hours in the week. Go figure....


                      Originally posted by Miking View Post
                      Lime, Stampede is running pretty much on schedule, lots of hard work going on, little sleep! Somehow this last week I have more billable hours than there was actual hours in the week. Go figure....
                      Hey if they're paying I guess you can't complain =)
                      I forgot to pop in to say Happy Canada Day! Thanks for the update and for putting in the extra hours to get it all together for the big show. It must have been hard being temporarily homeless and not getting any sleep. Well at least there's only two more days! Hopefully you can relax a bit and enjoy some of the festivities yourself.