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Xperia Z ultra?

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    Xperia Z ultra?

    Does anybody here have any experience with this "phablet"? I have recently had pretty good luck with Sony on the camera front and have started looking at some of their other offerings. It is time to upgrade my phone and I am thinking it might be a good way to slim down the gadget load. I normally travel with my iPhone and an iPad or iPad mini.

    The things I like are:
    Slim and light
    Lovely screen
    NFC compatible

    The things that concern me:
    The big one is how well it will fit into the apple ecosystem I have. I wouldn't say I'm a fanboy but every device in my house that plays video or music has an Apple TV or airport express hooked up to it. I have already invested quite a bit into the iTunes/App Store and enjoy the cloud services for notes, books, music, movies, calendars and photos across all my iDevices.

    Adapting to the android ecosystem. If the google play store app is any indication of how difficult it is to buy content for the phone count me out, I'm not the most tech savvy person out there but buying an e-book shouldn't require me to go out and buy a play giftcard that didn't work, then a prepaid visa that didn't work then spending time on the phone with customer service who actually told me to use a proxy server from a computer to setup a new gmail account to convince their system I was in fact where I actually was. :$

    It's pretty huge, I have pretty big hands and can palm the thing but I'm not sure if I'll want to spend an hour talking on it. It might also give off the impression that the owner is trying to compensate for inadequacies elsewhere...

    I just want something that works, I am not interested in rooting, booting, debugging, fragging, cragging, side loading, boot loading or ROM flashing. I just want a stable platform to phone, text, email, browse and play Tetris.

    I really want to love it, I love the form factor but I am on the fence about if I can make the switch to android. Has anyone else successfully made the leap?

    I have an android tablet and haven't had any issues with playstore. I would never switch from my iPhone though!
    A friend had issues with an Xperia phone. She had to return it because she couldn't get a phone signal most of the time, and when she did it was very weak. Not sure if that's a common problem or not though.