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    I love this thread.

    I recently discovered that flashlights in recent years have come a long way. With LEDs they are much brighter, even when the flashlight is small. My favorite small flashlight is the Liteflux LF3XT. At its brightest, it is amazingly bright and the beam is infinitely adjustable. At its dimmest it's perfect for reading a restaurant menu or check or for use in a theater.

    I also love Patagonia clothing. I like walking in all kinds of weather. Patagonia clothing allows me to get out there comfortably. I also like their bags along with Tom Bihn bags.


      I have a Jos. A. Bank store around the corner from me. Pricey clothes but their stuff lasts forever and is well made.
      Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

      Travel Lite & Smart


        Lake Champlain Chocolates

        Lake Champlain Chocolates are delicious chocolates available in the U.S. i pick them up at whole foods, but you can buy them on their website and at various retailers.

        my personal favorite is the five star fruit and nut bar.


          Crypted USB - Ironkey

          For people needing secure data transport, look at www.ironkey.com
          Expensive but a really good product designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


            Of the many boutique roasters I've tried up and down the west coast, none has approached this one. http://www.keancoffee.com/

            All coffee is roasted in their coffee house, in full view of customers. Family business. Each roast is tailored to the bean batch, and brings out flavors that you rarely get from coffee due to homogeneous roasting practices.

            Any one have a recommendation for cute purses/totes? Looking for a gift for my wife...


              Travel related: Singapore Airlines. Great service at reasonable prices. On some Asia routes, they sometimes offer the lowest air fare.


                Unusual, but perfect (for me) pocket organizer/wallet: http://www.billscustomcases.com/accessories.html

                The quality is excellent and a lot of thought went into the design. Plus, Bill is a great guy to work with.


                  I’ve noticed several people listing lip balm or chapstick in their packing lists. Gear Pipeline offers clip-on chapstick holders -- just right for clipping to an O-ring, & they keep it easily accessible instead of stuck in the bottom of a pocket or a pouch:


                  The clips come with their Beyond Coastal lip balm, but I prefer Blistex Herbal Answer. The clear plastic holder is nice & sturdy. The neoprene holder is not as well-made.
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                    DeWalt DW2190 Medium Tough Storage Case

                    Reference picture.

                    I got mine at Home Depot for $4.99.

                    Great for my bits and other drill accesories. Everything stays locked down.

                    I bought another one just to keep assorted screws, etc
                    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


                      All in One Monopod,Tripod, hiking staff


                      I had the original TrekPod II. Gave it to my son-in-law when I got the Trek Pod go which breaks down into a size for a carryon.

                      The TrekPod II has a carry bag($29) that I used to carry on the plane. Fit in the overheads fine.

                      I just bought the panning part of the WindowMount Plus for my TrekPod. Allows for better horizontal and vertical panning. Not as precise as a professional tripod, but great for hiking, etc where you don't have to carry a heavy tripod. Plus, you also have a hiking stick.

                      Expensive, but well engineered, like TB bags.
                      Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


                        Thanks for that! I needed a new tripod, and just ordered the TrekPod II. How cool is that earth magnet mount?


                          Originally posted by bltkmt View Post
                          Thanks for that! I needed a new tripod, and just ordered the TrekPod II. How cool is that earth magnet mount?
                          Holds the camera very well. Plus there is another lockdown.
                          You get two mag mounts. One is for DSLR and the other is for a lighter camera or device.

                          I used the lighter one for my Canon S1 super zoom. The heavier one almost ripped the camera apart trying to disconnect it.

                          As a side note, the panning part of the WindowMount is not availble on their web site, you have to call.
                          Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


                            Krebs Recycle dog leashes

                            Best dog leashes in the whole world, plus they up-cycle small pieces of our 500 denier Cordura. Read more here.
                            Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

                            Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                              I can't break...
                              Maxpedition Liger Belts
                              Maxpedition PUG Wallet
                              Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon
                              Cartier Passport Wallet
                              Tom Bihn luggage
                              Lummi Wee
                              SAK Knives
                              Circulon Special Edition Deep Pan
                              Old School Chicago Cutlery - Walnut Tradition
                              Sachtler Tripods
                              Raichle Hiking Boots
                              Gatorz Wraptor eyewear
                              Rudy Project eyewear
                              ballchain necklace
                              YKK zippers
                              My veteran Nikon Coolpix 5000 camera
                              Petrol Camera Bag
                              PortaBrace Videographer's Vest
                              Doc Martens Shoes
                              Blackhawk luggage
                              Fenix lights
                              Lindt 70% Chocolate
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                                Pet treats

                                We just discovered Tiger Tail Foods. They make wonderful all-natural treats for animals (not just dogs & cats, but horses & small animals as well).

                                They are a small American company with customer service that will remind you of your favorite bag vendor. As a bonus, they will contribute a portion of your purchase to your favorite shelter or rescue. And of course if you don't have a favorite, Save Our Setters would gladly accept your donation.
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