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Travel bottles for cosmetics/toiletries

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    For good travel bottles and containers, check out Muji travel section. They have tons of travel accessories.
    I personally have over 20 bottles of different types and sizes.
    I find the gotoob a bit bulky, but the Muji ones are so slim. Love them!


      Thank you for the suggestion of Muji; have yet to try them in travel, but I did get some to use in a short trip next week, will see how they hold up. Also glad they're available in the UK.
      I love my Burnt Orange Medium Cafe Bag, Black MCB, and Azure LCB.
      The Preciouses: A45 in black/zest, (original) Yeoman Duffel in verde, Mini Yeoman Duffel in Burnt Orange, the S19 in black/ultraviolet, and the MB in black/northwest sky; Shop Bags in zest, monarch, sitka, fjord, and island.


        I wanted to report back from a recent trip, where i used Alaskagirl's suggestion of Visine bottles. It worked perfectly for my (expensive, messy) face oil. This trick also means I can now take face oil to the gym with me. Once again, THANK YOU. (As an aside, I'm also wasting less product because the Visine dropper dispenses less at a time, and I really only need one or two drops of the stuff.)

        I decanted some other things into 15 and 30 mL Muji pump containers also to great success, meaning nothing leaked and it was very compact. (I completely overpacked toiletries, but that's another issue. I packed too many things, rather than too much of each thing.) I only wish I had more 15mL containers, rather than the 30, because most of my trips are 3-6 days, and there is almost nothing I use on a daily basis that won't fit into the small size for that trip length.