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    Originally posted by Plip View Post
    I don't have any Gamercy, but I have a few pair of Originals that I wear regularly (and I believe the Gamercy has the same pockets).

    Just inside each of the front pockets there is a zippered security pocket. It sounds like it would be awkward, having doubled up pockets and a zipper just inside the main pocket, but it's really well designed (kind of like a Tom Bihn bag). When I'm not using the zippered pocket, I don't even realize it's there. But I find it easy to access when I have something I want to put in it (or retrieve from it). I mainly use the one on the right side, but the left has the same. It easily fits a normal size man's wallet or a large cell phone (both of which I've carried there comfortably).

    There's also an extra pocket above the right back pocket (above and in addition to the pocket where most men usually carry their wallet). It's not zippered, but it's hidden (or at least discrete). The opening is right at the bottom of your belt. It's designed for a cell phone. My Pixel 2XL (a larger phone) slides into it easily, although it sticks out about an inch. The pocket would be a little small (or at least a very tight fit) for most men's wallets, although a Nik's Minimalist Wallet would easily fit. I never use that pocket. I find it hard to locate when I reach back there (although that's probably because I'm just not in the habit of using it), and the front zippered pockets cover all of my security needs.
    Originally posted by BWeaves View Post
    On all the Bluffworks pants, there is a zippered pocket inside each front pocket, AND one of the back pockets also zips shut. All zips are hidden from view. There's also the weird hip cell phone pocket, but my husband hasn't used it.

    I think the Gramercy pants look the most like "real" material, and have the nicest feel and a bit of stretch. The originals have no stretch and feel very nylony, while the chinos are super stretchy. Almost too stretchy.
    Thanks so much. The VERTX Core pants also have a zippered pocket sewn into the seam of the front pocket - in what seems like an awkward place but works very well.

    That is exactly what I was looking for. A wallet there is nearly impossible to remove without you knowing it. I normally carry a second wallet with a few Euros for daily use in the main front pocket.
    When in trouble, obfuscate.


      P.S. The Bluffworks pants have an O-RING (Ok a security loop) inside one of the zippered front pockets. They truly are the Tom Bihn of pants.


        Check these out...


        Bought some of their shirts & pants. Very happy with purchase.