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Synapse 25 kitted for summer travel

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    Synapse 25 kitted for summer travel

    This summer I don't have any super long or involved travel planned, which allows me to get away now and again when the fancy or opportunity strikes. To facilitate these last-minute getaways, I put together a go bag—basically something that had a bunch of travel basics all ready to hand.

    My criteria for the bag:
    • Large enough that it could handle trips of varying length and involving a myriad of activities.
    • Small and practical enough to function as a day pack in situ.
    • Spacious enough to accommodate an extra pair of shoes.
    • Dirt-repellant.
    • Low-profile and at home in any kind of setting.

    The Synapse 25 ended up being my choice.

    Then I gathered a bunch of accessories that I could choose from depending on my needs:
    (From left to right)
    • Travel Tray (a most generous gift from the lovely @Pokilani)
    • 3D Organizer Cubes (Mesh, Fabric)
    • Organizer Pouches (Mini, Small)
    • Aether packing cubes (Aeronaut 30, Large and Small)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	S25_basickit.jpeg
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    I limited the accessories with the idea that too much organization would run counter to the notion of quick and easy getaways. All fit inside the large packing cube and are stored inside the Synapse; whenever I need to use the bag for something else, I just remove the cube.
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    Chicago, 3 days/2 nights

    My first test of my summer travel kit (and the inaugural journey of my new Synapse 25) will be over the weekend in Chicago. We're driving up but will be stashing the car in a garage during our time in the city, and relying on public transport, Uber, etc.

    This trip is pretty casual—we're taking friends who have never visited before so we'll just be going around, looking at things, and catering to one friend's every gastronomical desire (I feel ill just thinking about it). Here's what I'm taking:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	S25_Chicago_loadout_1.jpeg
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    • Hat
    • Glasses
    • 2 pairs each of socks n' chonies
    • Rain jacket
    • Flip flops/zori/slippers
    • 1 long-sleeved shirt
    • 2 short-sleeved shirt
    • Pair of adidas shorts

    • Deodorant
    • GoToob with all-in-one shower gel
    • 4 q-tips
    • Spare contacts
    • Moisturizer
    • Toothpaste
    • Floss
    • Hair product
    • Comb
    • Toothbrush
    • Eye drops
    • Contact case and cleaner

    Other stuff:
    • Earbuds
    • Pen (courtesy of @Ilkyway)
    • Anker charger
    • Retractable USB/Lightning cable
    • Clif Bar
    • Vitamins and pills
    • Advil
    • Lighter

    Here it is, with clothes packed into the Large Aether cube, toiletries in the 3D Organizer Cube, and some of the miscellany in the Travel Tray:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	S25_containment.jpeg
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    And the bag all packed and ready to go, which was accomplished in about 3 minutes if you overlook the time it took to arrange and photograph everything.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	S25_loaded.jpeg
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ID:	299780

    On arrival, I'll take out the clothes, move some stuff into the side pockets, and have ample room for anything I buy or squirreling away my hoody if it gets too warm.


      Interesting that you pack the Anker charger but no extra tech like iPad?
      I use the Anker charger but generally have multiple devices that need charging.


        @Badger, Great pictures, and the Fjord looks beautiful with your Halcyon Black Synapse and the Carbon Aether packing cubes. Just a quick comment on the packing cube size combinations: because the Synapse 25 product page mentioned this, and because I'd previously used a Medium Tri-Star packing cube inside my Synapses (and, in general, had found that size packing cube, along with the small Western Flyer packing cubes some of the handiest sizes to use in multiple other bags, along with liking the Aeronaut 30 small and end cubes), I just ordered one of the Tri-Star medium Aether cubes in Carbon. Haven't had time to take pictures yet, but it is, indeed, a nice match to the Synapse width, when inserted with the short dimension spanning the width of the Synapse, and the long dimension extending further up the back of the Synapse than the Aeronaut 30 large packing cube. It may also be an easier combination to use if someone decides to carry a small laptop, since in addition to having a more rectangular shape than the A30 large cube, it's a bit thinner. Just throwing this out now as another pack-up possibility to explore and experiment with.

        @tebnewyork, I think that @Badger is using one of the ultra compact Anker chargers. I, too, have a larger Anker charger that I use for multiple devices. (It sits in one of the Synapse side front pockets when I carry it). @Badger, which size Anker charger are you carrying, and how does it compare with the Jackery Bar that you, and many of us have?



          The Anker is my dedicated travel charger so I always bring it unless I'm really desperate to save space; plus it doesn't get alarmingly hot when I use it.


            @moriond, the TS cube is a good fit too—and, as you say, makes more use of the S25's vertical space. I like the A30 size because it allows one of the 3D cubes to sit on top, either loose or affixed to the o-rings on each side of the bag. I still have plenty of room for my 11" laptop if I were inclined to bring it.

            The charger has two USB ports and it's about the same size as the Jackery Bar (but more squat and obviously square instead of rectangular)—it's also way lighter. I debated bringing the Bar on this trip but seeing as there will be four people all with smartphones, I think we're covered.

            Thank you for the nice words about the color coordination. It's not generally my #1 priority but I do love it when everything comes together in an aesthetically pleasing way.


              Ahh my bad I thought it was the 5 port charger.



                House-bottled Ramos Gin Fizz @ Henry's. I'm posting this morning but it was consumed last night. Really.

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                  This is how we do on vacation.

                  S25 in the winter garden.

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                    Synapse 25 + festive cake, @ Goddess and the Baker.

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                      Another weekend in Chicago, 3 days/2 nights

                      This is a bit belated but I wanted to show you the S25 with nearly double the amount of stuff I took on my previous Chicago trip. This weekend was spent catching up with some friends, going out, and enjoying the early summer weather, and I did manage to get some work done. (Sorry the picture is dark; I took the photo in the very dim room where I was staying.)

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7027.jpg
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                      On this trip, I used large and small A30 Aether packing cubes, a Cache, and a 3D Organizer Cube. The S25 pockets did a very good job of holding the rest. I brought:
                      A hoody
                      A polo shirt
                      Athletic shorts
                      Three pairs of socks
                      Two pairs of chonies
                      Three t-shirts
                      A dress shirt
                      A tie
                      A pair of desert boots, size 40
                      Hand sanitizer
                      Phone charger + retractable cable
                      MacBook Air charger
                      Lip balm + Advil
                      Field Notes (Shenandoah edition)
                      Sinus spray thing
                      Three pens
                      Glasses and sunglasses
                      Two belts
                      A pair of jeans
                      All my usual toiletries (in 3D Organizer Cube)
                      11" MacBook Air (in Cache)

                      Not pictured: water bottle, can of Rock Star, ball hat. Everything fit very tidily, I must say.

                      I don't have a picture of this, but I also brought a Moveable Feast with several bottles of booze and some mixers. There was also enough room for some snacks and sushi I got from my favorite Japanese store, where we also had lunch (note classy Styrofoam cup of miso soup).

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7023.jpg
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                      In my friend's room (my space for the weekend), I found this throne-like chair upon which my S25 could sit. And check out the random huge bottles of vodka I found in a corner.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7030-1.jpg
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                      I wouldn't normally bring this much stuff for a short weekend away, but I ended up deciding at the last minute to bring my laptop and some writing materials. I also had to bring slightly better than normal clothing because we went out and had some drinks (evidence below).

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7037-2.jpg
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ID:	299893
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                        Note the red airplanes on those vodka bottles. I wonder if those bottle might be a new measurement for bag capacity?

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                          Originally posted by Pokilani View Post
                          Note the red airplanes on those vodka bottles.
                          Whoa. That looks intentional, doesn't it? I fully admit that I would not have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it.


                            Thank you so much for the wonderful tale of two bottles and some.

                            I missed the first few posts and luckily scrolled back up before asking any questions.

                            As a prospective S25 owner, everything about it is of great interest to me, especially stretching the EDC into a daytripper.

                            After looking at the cake, counting the layer and pondering how it was made, (was the sponge cake made with coloring or was the coloring applied to the sponge cake?) and thinking I have a craving for cake, I believe that you packing pictures with smart and witty explanations are one of the best on the forum.

                            Wondering what to replace my bulky headphone with, here comes the answer.

                            Traveling with multiples glasses, another answer.

                            Topping up portable devices, yet another brilliant answer.

                            Also thanks for the first picture of the Aether Packing Cubes with an EDC.
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                              Originally posted by backpack View Post
                              Thank you so much for the wonderful tale of two bottles and some. I missed a first few post and luckily scrolled back up before asking any questions.

                              As a prospective S25 owner, everything about it is of great interest to me, especially stretching the EDC into a daytripper.
                              I love the comment on stretching the EDC into a day tripper....I've watched the videos using the S25 for extended long term travel.