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Best jeans/pants for travel?

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    Originally posted by xnykid View Post
    thunderbolt jeans. look better than jeans and are so comfortable that i grab them to pull on for coffee in the morning. you could wear them to bed if you wanted to but you can wear them to the opera also. water resistant so they don't stain and require very little cleaning. stretch 4 ways, not just 2. don't seem to bag at my knees. just look great day after day after day.
    if your going to build a wardrobe for travel you need to check out thunderbolt jeans.
    they are not the best for hot 4th of july summer travel since they have a fuzzy feeling lining they are worm. great in snow or rain though.
    about $200 but with the 2 pair i have i can stay away from home for weeks and still look and smell good doin it.
    Just curious... @xnykid, how was your customer service experience with Thunderbolt Sportswear?

    I was interested in their Mark II jeans. When I reached out to the company with a simple question about them, though, nobody would reply.

    In case they didn't get the first email or it fell through the cracks somehow, I asked again. Same thing... no response.

    It seems like they don't want to sell their $200 jeans.

    Edited to add: I wonder if they are still in business? None of their social media accounts have been updated since summer 2018.
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      It’s been a few years since I bought the pants. Don’t remember any issues with the company. Can’t tell you if they are out of business but I’m traveling right now and the pants are going strong.

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        I ordered some pants from 1620, but haven't gotten them yet. I work in an office, but also do a lot of woodworking for fun and I wanted something good looking but tough and with utility pockets. The company got some pretty amazing reviews, and it's a pure-USA shop so I can feel better about supporting the locals.


          This is a really useful thread and I'm going to check out the Lululemon ABC and some others, but +1 for Prana Zion Stretch pants AND shorts. I've been living in a few pairs of these things for work and play, both at home and travel. They hold up extremely well, very little pilling, fall nice and flat and not very wrinkly even after a couple weeks of no washing. I believe they make a version without the side cargo pocket (which is fairly subtle) - and I might have to pick up a pair for job interviews or something.

          The shorts are incredible too. So versatile. I can wear shorts to work and these are perfect to hop on a bike after work too.