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Packing socks and undies

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    For trips where I need more than a pair or two, I use a small, ultra-sil compression cube from REI (store brand), similar to the one in melminimalist's post above. Usually, I can get the amount of socks and undies I pack for my longest trips into one, for summer/spring/fall. My warmer, longer winter socks take up a lot more room, so in that case just the undies go into the cube, and socks go elsewhere (often laid flat in the cube with my clothes). On 2 or 3-day trips, I just put everything together into a single cube--clothes, socks, undies.

    I have several brands and styles of packing cubes and stuff sacks, and I prefer the REI store brand and Lewis n Clark to the Eagle Creek ones. Zipper pulls, regardless of brand, seem a common early failure point--luckily I have a huge stash of TB zipper pulls I can replace them with.

    I used to use my TB stuff sacks for undies and socks, but I like that when I unzip and fold back the top on the cubes they can stay in my A30/A45 like mini-drawers and I can just grab what I need quickly.
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      I'm kinda cheap, I usually just use either a small "delicates bag" that I also use for holding my bra in a washing machine or I use a ziploc plastic baggie.


        Originally posted by bchaplin View Post
        As described by @kkintea, the ones I used were called EC half-cubes at the time I bought them. However, the EC line has changed, and with it, possibly, the sizes, so it's worth testing out the cubes in-store before purchasing. If that's possible. But they are so thin and crumply that I'd guess anything close in size would work. The smaller ones (quarter cubes) should be ok too.

        My specter half Cube just arrived today and it fits so well I have ordered another in a different color.


          Everyone in my family usually just fit them into available spaces in a (personal) large A30 cube... with 4 people traveling together we need as few cubes as possible to avoid confusion!
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            I really like the Travel Laundry Stuff Sack for these. On trips where I'm not planning to do laundry or sink laundry, the TLSS gets loaded with all the undies and socks I need. Any sportswear-type t-shirts will go in there too.


              When I pack my A45, I use the Travel laundry Stuff sack (sized for the end pocket of the A45). I recently packed 3 bras, 4 pairs undies, 2 pairs socks and a pair of thin pajamas.

              I did bring shoes, but the ones I packed were sandal-type, so no room for bits n bobs.


                Originally posted by melminimalist View Post
                Mini Lewis and Clark expandable cube or small snake charmer.

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                These fit really well in the NFTD center compartment.



                  I use Eagle Creek Spectre packing cubes because they're super light weight, weighing next to nothing. As a cyclist, weight is everything. As a traveler who one bags it, and travels with a carry-on and an S19, weight & creative, efficient packing is everything. I use small Eagle Creek bags for underwear and socks. Medium sized EC Spectre cubes for shirts and trousers. They're built quit well.
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                    Baby Baggu shopping bags...for storage and shopping....super squishy to fill in spaces.
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                      Eagle Creek Specter Clean Dirty Cubes, the smallest size. Now that TB has finally come out with laundry cubes, I'll use those, too, although the A45 ones I have are really too big for undies and socks. I use the TB ones for larger clothing.

                      I'll also stuff socks in shoes to keep the shoes from being crushed. And I'll also use socks or undies in the folds of pants or tops to prevent creases, and as someone else called it "footballing."


                        Originally posted by BWeaves View Post
                        Eagle Creek Specter Clean Dirty Cubes, the smallest size. Now that TB has finally come out with laundry cubes, I'll use those, too, although the A45 ones I have are really too big for undies and socks. I use the TB ones for larger clothing.
                        I used my snake charmer when I went to the UP last week. Started out with ankle socks in one side, undies in the other. I shifted them around a bit so for a while had clean on one side, dirty on the other. Doesn't have the movable barrier between the two sides, but fits real well in the end pocket of my NFTD!


                          A Packing Cube Shoulder Bag.

                          Yes, I know, some of those foundation garments could be used as sail boat small sail replacement.

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