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Aeronaut 30 as Frontier personal item

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    Aeronaut 30 as Frontier personal item

    So I’m flying on Frontier direct Orlando MCO to San Juan, PR and decided to risk it with my Aeronaut 30 as a personal item, fully-packed to the brim - with my CPAP in one of the side compartments. It was about 2” too tall/long but I wore it as a backpack and had no problems. We’ll see how this goes on my return flight but I will say the Aeronaut 30 has saved me $40-$60 so far.

    My family took our first vacation outside of north america last year, and after reading all the stories of people getting caught with carry ons/personal items/hand luggage that was over the limit (especially on budget airlines), my wife and i bought a30s and slightly under-packed them to be sure that we didn't violate restrictions. After our first stop in paris, we sadly decided to gluttonously violate our decision by stuffing souvenirs into our bags, consequences be damned regarding size and weight. To our chagrin, on our six intra-european flights, as well as four flights this year, no one ever checked our luggage for breaking the rules...we could've stuffed a45s full and still avoided penalties. (Other flyers had bags much larger than a45s and were not questioned, either.)
    Of course, i'm not suggesting you tempt fate, because as soon as you do, murphey's law will undoubtedly get you.


      Good for you! I'm sure you were both happier traveling light.
      Thank you to both for sharing your experiences. I have not traveled Frontier. Yet. But I do use the Aeronaut 30 a lot, and it seems to be a very acceptable size and shape as a carry-on.
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        It's acceptable as a carry-on, absolutely, but Frontier charges for carry-ons.

        In my experience, it will fit under the seat in front of you, but you might need to kind of keep that a secret between you and your seatmate. It doesn't fit completely under the seat, and I suspect you're probably breaking the rules a little to put it there. I don't believe it's technically compliant as a personal item.


          Originally posted by rprather View Post
          fully-packed to the brim - with my CPAP in one of the side compartments.
          You might do this for carry convenience.... I always keep the CPAP in its own travel case, as medical gear doesn't count as luggage. I won't check it, and fly with 1 carry-on, 1 personal item, ... and 1 CPAP.

          Good luck with the a30,


            19.7" (w) x 12.6" (h) x 7.9

            It doesn't technically meet the requirements which are 18 x 14 x 8. I'm considering this bag or the WF. I assume either can be scrunched in to fit as long as it's not jam packed.


              Originally posted by rprather View Post
              Aeronaut 30 as a personal item, fully-packed to the brim - with my CPAP in one of the side compartments.
              Might want to get a PCSB (something’s you can clip a strap to) and pack your CPAP in that. It will still fit in the side pocket. Sometimes they get persnickety about sizes, but medical equipment is not considered against your carry as long as the case ONLY contains the medical equipment.
              I also have this with me to put on the bag if it needs to get pulled out.
              Shacke Medical Equipment Luggage Tag for Respiratory Devices (Black/Vertical) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01259KWN8..._0FgaCb4711ZW5