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S19 as airplane personal item

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    S19 as airplane personal item

    On past long trips I've always checked in my roller bag and carried my S19 onboard. This time -- 2+ months in Italy November-January -- I'm aiming to go carry-on only. I bought a teensy teensy 4 lb IT roller bag to use as carry-on, and want to use my S19 as my personal item.

    I know from past experience that it does fit under the seat. But as airlines get stricter and stricter, I'm wondering if anyone has experience carrying an S19 together with another carry-on item. I'm flying Norwegian to Barcelona and then Vueling on to Bologna.

    Both airlines provide detailed information on carry on bag allowances on their websites?

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      I carried the S19 with an Aeronaute, no problem on a legacy airline, so it should be ok on Norvegian. However, it seems that Vueling is a low cost airline, so all bets are off.

      As gqb suggested above, check on the airlines websites, for the size and number of bags allowed as carry-on.

      Once we know about that info, it will be easier to help you with your particular trip.

      Also, once there what do you plan to do? If you stay put in one city, it would be perfect to leave your roller bag where you are staying and be out and about with your S19.


        I flew vueling two years ago. I didn't pay for a bag so I was allowed a personal item only. I had (at the time) an osprey porter 30 as my only bag and they didn't blink twice at me carrying it on as a personal item. I put it under the seat in front of me, no problem. Take it with a grain of salt as this was two years ago.

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          Thanks all. I paid for a bag on Norwegian, but if I take this smaller suitcase I'm hoping to not have to check. Here's what the two websites say about the "hand luggage":

          Norwegian: LowFare, Lowfare+, Premium
          1 carry-on bag: max. 55x40x23 cm
          1 small personal item: max. 25x33x20 cm
          Max. combined weight: 10 kg

          Vueling: 55x40x20 cm (which should be fine for the roller bag) + smaller bag (max 35x20x20 cm) which must fit under the seat in front. So I think if they're being sticklers about it, the S19 might not work. Though I did fly them last November with a similar arrangement.

          @backpack, I will be moving around to a number of different cities. But certainly, I do love having my S19 with me when out and about.


            I'm so used to traveling on Asian carriers with 7kg weight restrictions that I've given up on wheelies. Otherwise all my weight allowance goes to the heavy wheelie itself. I was shocked last year to fly to Hawaii on United and discover there wasn't any weight limit, plus nominally 21" but actually 24" wheelies and spinners got a free pass overhead.

            The key words in your question are foreign carrier and Norwegian. In my limited experience budget airlines are very strict about sizes and weights. You'd be much better off with a soft-side, suitcase-looking, onebag. The secondary bag, 19L size, shouldn't be a problem, just reassure them you will stuff it under the seat.

            But read the limitations on the website, print them out, and be prepared to explain, cajole, etc. because not every counter and gate agent even knows the technicalities of their own rules. Go to Ikea and get a paper (disposable) tape measure to prove you fit the bag size limits if necessary.


              I've flown American, Lufthansa, Air Canada, & United and my S19 wasn't an issue as a personal item.
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