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Minimal packed work trip

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    Minimal packed work trip

    From Massachusetts to a two-day seminar in California:
    Wearing a modal tunic, hoodie, blazer, comfy bra, stretchy travel jeans, socks, Converse

    Packing: L15
    • Laptop & cables in iberian sz1 SS
    • Pens/pencils in small GWOP (in side pocket)
    • t-shirt, socks, underwear, better bra, leggings to sleep in (with the t-shirt and/or fly home in with tunic) in skinny EC cube.
    • Minimal make up in a Viridian 3DOC
    • Empty Island travel tray for hotel
    • Crocs sandals
    • Tibetan prayer bowl/cushion/mallet (because my job is weird) in ebags cube

    Tetris skills really maximize the potential of the L15
    Bottom layer:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20190429_100053.jpg
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    Top layer:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20190429_100110.jpg
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    Packing in PT:
    • In-flight SE (wipes, meds, phone charger & cables, iPod & cables, mints, lip balm)
    • Toiletries in clear 3DOC
    • Office supplies in medium DOP
    • Noise cancelling headphones
    • Travel mug
    • Wristlet with glasses/keys/phone/wallet

    I love that you can pack carefully in the PT, but when you need to dump things in fast, that's also fine.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20190429_093623.jpg
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    Wow that's amazing! I love how you have made the most of the L15 shape with the long packing cube.

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      Okay, after carrying these bags this morning, I've re-organized with the priority on only carrying things I will definitely need en route in the PT. Goal: maximum comfort, with all the weight in the backpack, minimum weight in the tote.

      So. My clear 3DOC was all my toiletries, but I took out everything but the liquids so now it's just my 3-1-1 bag, and the non-liquid toiletries go into the Viridian 3DOC along with the make-up, in the mesh middle section of the L15.

      Also, I moved my heavy phone re-charging battery to an external pocket on the L15. For daily carry, I want it within easy reach, but for travel, I'll probably only use it when I'm sitting and waiting someplace, so it can go in the backpack.

      I took my glasses/ID/credit card out of the wristlet, put the glasses in an external pocket of the PT, ID/cards in my jacket pockets. Then I packed the nearly-empty wristlet in the bottom of the L15.

      Also, the medium DOP of post-its and bookmarks went to the L15 behind the top layer.

      A few little changes make such a difference in the experience of carrying!
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        Does EC mean Eagle creek?


          Originally posted by ejvc View Post
          Does EC mean Eagle creek?

          The packing cube is the 'tube' version

          I think many of us have EC cubes, often of the 'silnylon'
          I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


            I have a medium tube and a small tube (not the silnylon, but I still like them). They are amongst my packing cube horde.


              Yes, Eagle Creek. That cube has worked out perfectly for the L15 -- it's such a tall, skinny backpack, this weird shaped cube is ideal! Of course, if you're using the L15 as a travel bag, you're traveling SUPER light, so it's enough for all the clothes. Here's specifically what fit in it:

              1 unlined, non-contour underwire bra
              1 sz Medium t-shirt
              1 pair sz Large capri leggings
              2 pairs ankle socks
              3 pairs briefs-style underwear
              1 tibetan bowl mallet

              And it was basically full, though maybe you could cram a few more socks/underwear into the corners.

              Along with the jeans/tunic/hoodie/jacket I wore on the plane, it's enough clothes for two days.


                Nice compact list! If your t-shirt and leggings are just right, and if you put a bikini in for the bra and one of the underwear, you could also exercise and swim :-) (if you could get a bikini with a top like a sports bra -- are those a thing? if they are I want one!)


                  Originally posted by ejvc View Post
                  Nice compact list! If your t-shirt and leggings are just right, and if you put a bikini in for the bra and one of the underwear, you could also exercise and swim :-) (if you could get a bikini with a top like a sports bra -- are those a thing? if they are I want one!)
                  Good idea! Speedo make quite a few swim tops that could probably do this job unless one needs a lot of bounce-proofing.


                    For me, bras are like shoes: certain activities require you to have a specific kind. For the sake of minimalism, I just don't do activities that require specialized equipment when I travel.

                    Also like shoes: I absolutely must have at least two pairs. One on my body and one my bag. But that often feels like a sacrifice, and i've often been really glad to have a third option.

                    My bikini is made by a bra company, and I have absolutely worn the top as a bra on vacation! I've also been known to pack a sports bra instead of a regular bra, but those soft, wire-free compression bras are useless for me, and good ones that actually do the job are heavier and bulkier than regular bras, and often only work with high necklines or outfits where the seams won't show.... so it's easier and lighter to pack bras that suit whatever shirts I want to wear, and sacrifice the ability to do jumping jacks without crossing my arms. If I end up in a situation where I need to do something high-impact, I wear all three at the same time!


                      Thanks for the links! I don't personally have a bust that requires extensive support so mine can definitely do dual-duty! And now I have something to look for.


                        FTR, the tibetan prayer bowl got flagged at security at LAX, though not in San Jose or Hartford. Happily, I made sure it was at the top of the bag so it was easy to get to.

                        But when all the overhead space was gone, I just stuck both L15 and PT under the seat in front of me for the 55 minute hop from SJC to LAX.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20190502-193937.jpg
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                          For travel, I stick to underwire bras without moulded cups. Unlined bras are so much easier to travel with—they pack really small b/c there's no need to keep the shape of the cups & I can just stick them in the small packing cube that holds the rest of my underwear & socks.

                          Before discovering unlined bras though, I would fill the moulded cups of my bras w/ socks or other small rolled items to help keep their shape.


                            Lia, thank you for the packing list thread (my fave always) and especially this link!

                            I really struggle with finding swimsuits that are supportive and fit. I'm with you on the sports bra front: mine are underwire w/ two layers of power mesh and I wouldn't want to wear them for anything other than high-impact workouts. Now that I am doing most workouts on an indoor bike it's nice to be able to wear one with minimal support.

                            A semi-related note, these are the only non-underwire bras I've found that provide me with enough support: Wire-Free Plus T-Shirt Bra

                            Originally posted by Lia View Post
                            My bikini is made by a bra company, and I have absolutely worn the top as a bra on vacation!
                            "I'm more of a creative problem solver with good taste and a soft spot for logistical nightmares.” ― Maria Semple, Where'd You Go, Bernadette