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Favorite Minimalist Travel Hacks/Products?

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    Favorite Minimalist Travel Hacks/Products?

    Hi everyone,

    I get super geeky about fun minimalist travel products and I thought others who like TB might share my interest! What's your favorite hack or product that helps you live the minimalist travel lifestyle?

    Mine is basically anything from the Matador brand, but especially the flatpack soap bags (they changed my packing strategy forever) and the travel towel (so small! so absorbent! how!). Also the TB TSS, to maximize space in my bag while staying organized.

    Can't wait to read responses and find out about some fun new stuff I have to pick up before my next trip...

    I like the Eagle Creek Spectre cinch bag for a toiletry kit. It has internal pockets to keep everything organized, but its small and super light weight. I've gone through dopp kits, and the hanging kits with pockets, and this one is better for me by far.
    Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/


      Always love these threads. Here is another one that is full of good ideas and interaction



        currently I overuse the peakdesign shoe pouch (+cord belt) as nothing/anything carry (it packs really small and hold light jacket or 1L water bottle quite easily)
        just a Bihnion here


          I also love Matador stuff!

          Consolidating all my random USB changer blocks into a single four-port block with swappable plugs (for int'l travel) has made a big difference.

          Using TripIt to organize my itineraries has really cut down on the paper I carry. I honestly don't know how I'd feel if I had to travel without it these days.
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            I love Lewis and Clark travel accessories, I use several of their items.

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              Smartphone with a quality camera, Moment snap-on lenses and filter kits, Joby MPod mini tripod. I get about 90% of the shots I'd want from a real camera+tripod, and fits in a jacket pocket.

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                Favorite Minimalist Travel Hacks/Products?

                Just about anything that is silicone and collapses is nifty IMO.
                I have a coffee drip cone that I use incessantly:
                JBC Sales Collapsible Silicone Coffee Dripper - Great for Camping, Hiking or Every Day Use! Use with Filter Paper - Dishwasher Safe https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KKRLQIC..._76PmDbRMEQCRR

                And just got a water bottle that I finally ordered (I like it for the center ring that doesn’t squoosh when you hold it.)
                HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle, Cap Lid | Ultra-Packable, Travel-Friendly, Food-Grade Silicone (17oz, Bluebird) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JVNM1Q2..._w6PmDb3ZKZ1YX

                Also I do the minimalist travel thing a lot in my NFTD: http://fredletstravels.com/2019/04/1...travel-duffel/

                I’m super pleased about the water bottle for my NFTD so that it doesn’t take up so much real estate while it is empty in my bag.

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                  Maybe not minimalist but always useful: cutlery. I always travel with a set of children's cutlery, a glass (heavy duty plastic), and for trips more than a few days a plastic bowl (the latter two are from Target a few years ago). It means I can buy massive bottles of water or another soft drink in the supermarket to drink by the beach or in my hotel room, and get real food there too instead of subsisting on finger food.

                  It certainly helps minimise my budget!

                  (The glass addition came along because lots of hotel rooms provide single use disposable glasses which often crack and aren't great for the environment, but when it's insanely hot I just don't drink enough out of those really large bottles.)

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                    I take a collapsible silicone cup and bowl with me and recently saw the water bottle but didn't know that there was a collapsible coffee filter. Thanks!


                      Pack for fewer days less than your trip and do laundry. If there's no washer/dryer available where I'm staying then I take a clothesline and a sink stopper. This clothesline is actually one of the handiest items I've purchased on Amazon; I use it all the time when I'm home too. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1


                        So many good ideas! I am too geeky to leave the tech toys, binoculars, or cameras behind but I save space by investing in lightweight clothing, especially those that’ll work for more than one thing. I buy merino wool tops, and always carry a piece or two from Diane Kroe. I’ve found some cute swim tops that double as blouses, too!

                        I wrote a blog post about my favorites at https://travelingtulls.com/2019/06/2...ing-for-women/
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                          Originally posted by Shortie View Post
                          This clothesline is actually one of the handiest items I've purchased on Amazon
                          I've really enjoyed the Flexoline clothesline. Just needs a carabiner on one end and will attach to anything. Easy to soft pack and no sharp pieces.
                          Flexo-Line Traveler's Clothesline - The Flexo-Line Company Manufacturer


                            Originally posted by 19 Liter Life
                            Bring LESS stuff.

                            Bring MORE money.
                            That works sometimes. Not every time; and can sometimes be very wasteful.



                              MUJI has so many great small travel accessories, especially for toiletries.

                              And I love these smartphone clip-on lenses, which have eliminated the need to carry a separate camera.