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    I’m going to try this. Thanks so much!
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      Getting ready for another trip. Overall weight of A45 is 30 pounds. It does include my chromebook this time, but the smashable hat won't fit. I'm guessing I packed slightly more underwear/socks this time and an extra tshirt. I think this trip is a day longer. Although happy to say the 40oz heavy metal mug has been replaced with a plastic collapsible mug. I did very much use the 40oz mug a lot last time. Depending on how it goes, may or may not include the collapsible next time. I do think my Bad Bag Micro toiletries/charger bag got more stuffed the past year or two. I will try to go through it again next month to evaluate what's in there.


        Originally posted by ClicketySnap View Post
        I saw a lady use a really cool packing method on a YouTube video, and I suggest it all the time.

        Leave your chosen bag out of sight. Instead, get out two laundry baskets/Rubbermaid tubs/boxes/etc. Make a pile between those two tubs of all the things you think need to be packed for that trip.

        Then sort everything into the two bins. On one side, put the bare minimum things you NEED to get by. Not enough socks/underwear for the whole trip, for example, but the absolute smallest amount that gives them time to dry in between wear and wash days. No luxury items. Just what you absolutely must have to survive.
        On the other side, luxury items, the rest of the clothes you WANT to have with you on your trip, and any duplicates or extras.

        Now get out your travel bag and pack only the NEEDS.
        Then slowly go through your WANTS bin. How many pairs of socks are you willing to give up to bring a third pair of shoes? How much are you willing to “give up” to bring luxury items?

        It’s not a foolproof method and still causes a lot of anxiety. But analyzing each item individually against the space and weight it takes up in your bag might help you pare things down a little.

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        I love this idea! I usually fill my bag because I can and both A30 and A45 can fit a LOT! I am going to do this for a weekend away and see how I go with an unstuffed A30! Thanks for the suggestion.