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  • crpeck
    I used my Empire Builder for a 4 day/3 night business trip last week. Dress was business casual. It worked out well, since my transportation was mostly all Air & Train (MARTA). Here's the list:

    Main Pocket:
    15" Eagle Creek Packit Folder containing:
    -3 polo shirts
    -1 pair of slacks wrapped around it (to minimize wrinkles)

    Tom Bihn Aeronaut large packing cube containing:
    -3 pair underwear
    -3 pair socks
    -1 pair shorts
    -1 t-shirt
    -1 pair flip-flops
    -2 packs microwave popcorn

    Eagle Creek pack-it half tube cube containing:
    -spare eyeglasses in a case
    -Macbook charger in a pocket
    -iPhone charger
    -short extension cord
    -1 razor
    -1 toothbrush
    -1 comb

    Outside Flap
    Horizontal Pocket
    3-1-1 Ziploc bag, containing:
    -Dandruff shampoo
    -Hand sanitizer (small tube)
    -Shaving cream

    Vertical Pocket
    -First Aid kit

    Under the Outside Flap
    The Long Zippered Pocket contained various papers, and, the training manual I got at my destination.

    The Large Pouch contained:
    -Macbook Air in a padded case.
    -Fiber One bars in a pocket
    -my keychain on the key strap

    The back "pocket" contained a day bag from a conference I went to years ago (it folds up small, is very light & thin).

    All in all this worked out well, everything fit perfectly.

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  • Darcy
    Empire Builder

    In this thread, post a list or pictures of What You Carry in your Empire Builder. We will add your packing list to the Empire Builder page to help give other people a better idea of what the bag can hold.

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  • pstemari
    Empire Builder dump

    It's scary what I load mine up with:

    Flap pockets:
    • Flash drives
    • WiFi dongle
    • Mouse feet
    • Luggage tag
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Bluetooth dongle
    • ID badge

    Organizer panel:
    • Flag wallet
    • Extra flags
    • Some pads of checks
    • Check book
    • Book Bungie (bookmark w elastic)
    • Misc pens & pencils
    • Stick eraser
    • Book of stamp

    Organizer lower pocket:
    • Page Points/Book Darts
    • Clippies
    • Spare ID lanyards & reels
    • Mouse adapter
    • Sheet slicer

    Main bag:
    • Brain cell w laptop (Dell D640 or C840)
    • Emergency umbrella
    • Calculator
    • Mouse
    • Pouch with ink carts, erasers, pencil leads, etc.
    • Lab book
    • Leather folder for papers
    • Files on current projects
    • A couple tech books

    Back pocket:
    • Today's paper
    • Magazines

    I used to have a Travelon that had 5 mesh pockets on the inside of the organizer flap that were great for all the misc odds and ends. Handle broke off after a couple years, and the replacement I received didn't have the pockets.

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  • Larry
    My Techie Bag

    My Empire Builder
    Accessory Bags/Cases: 1x Braincell, 2x Snake Charmers, 1x Awesome Padding Foam Cube from an Old, Leather Laptop Bag

    MacBook Pro (Laptop 1)
    Dell Inspiron (Laptop 2)
    Additional, Extended-life battery for Dell
    320GB External HD
    Leatherman Surge (the big daddy leatherman)
    Wiha Tech Driver Set
    A/C Adapter for MacBook
    A/C Adapter for Dell
    Travel Power Strip
    2x Ethernet Cables
    4x Various USB Cables (1x A-B, 1x A-Mini, 1x Small A-Mini, Extension)
    3x Various Firewire Cables (1x 400, 1x 800, 1x 400-800)
    Memory Card Reader
    AC-USB Charger
    USB Cable for iPhone
    USB-Serial Adapter
    Programming Cable for Older URC Remotes
    Headphones (Earbuds)
    Wiebetech UltraDock v4
    Wiebetech SATADock v4
    A/C Adapter and Power Cable for Wiebetech docks
    2.5" to 3.5" IDE HD Adapter
    JetBeam LED Flashlight
    DS Game Case w/ 2 Games
    WiFi Finder
    2x Sharpies (Standard & Professional)
    1x Uniball Signo Pen
    3x Mini Sharpie Highlighters
    Microfiber Rag
    Microfiber Chamois
    Various Magazines
    2x Corsair Survivor USB Drives
    Last edited by Larry; 01-24-2009, 08:34 AM. Reason: More stuff!

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  • lpotr4
    started a topic Empire Builder

    Empire Builder

    Empire Builder (black/black/cayenne with Absolute Shoulder Strap):

    What's inside 'the cave':

    Main Pocket:
    • MacBook Pro 17" (inside a Horizontal Brain Cell Size 2)
    • 1 plastic divider
    • pocket folder holding work docs

    Outside zippered pockets:
    • 4GB Sony thumb drive (inside a Case Logic media case with clip)
    • iPhone USB cable (inside small clear pouch)
    • Duo Card adapter (inside small clear pouch)

    In secondary compartment:
    • Sony PSP-3000 (inside Psyclone case with 2 UMD games)
    • Nintendo DS Lite (inside stock case with 3 games)
    • Large Moleskine sketchbook (or small Bungee Book)
    • Apple Power Brick (inside interior pocket)
    • Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse (inside interior pocket)
    • Pack of business cards (inside interior pocket))
    • Roadtools PodiumPad
    • Small Victorinox Cybertool (clipped to lanyard)
    • Small pocket LED flashlight (clipped to lanyard)
    • 2 Pilot G2 Pro Pens (inside pen holder)
    • 1 Pilot Mechanical Pencil (inside pen holder)
    • 1 Faber Castell retractable Eraser (inserted in pocket with mouse)
    • 2 small microfiber cleaning cloths (inside medium clear pouch)

    Large zippered pocket:
    • My meds (inside Coach pill case)
    • Small Scope mouthwash
    • Traveler-sized Tylenol
    • Apple Wireless Keyboard (sometimes)
    • 2 Pistachio Larabars (inside medium clear pouch)

    Below is my Empire Builder, my other constant companion...

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2929152491/" title="Super Ego contents (aerial) by Luis Pangilinan, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3164/2929152491_9a24843759.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="Super Ego contents (aerial)" /></a>
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