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    Checkpoint Flyer

    In this thread, post a list or pictures of What You Carry in your Checkpoint Flyer. We will add your packing list to the Checkpoint Flyer page to help give other people a better idea of what the bag can hold.
    Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

    Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.

    Got back this weekend past from my trip to Israel (Darcy, I sent a postcard to Tom c/o the factory address from there); on my flight back (very similar to the flight there), this is what I was able to get comfortably into the Checkpoint Flyer with only a bit of the sausage-stuffing effect:

    Main compartment:
    - 1 eBags medium packing cube, holding, bundle-wrapped:
    [[khakis (size 34/32)
    cotton boxers
    2 pairs of ankle socks
    1 synthetic scarf
    1 pair thin fleece gloves
    1 skullcap
    button-up oxford shirt]]
    - baggie with a small assortment of toiletries:
    - 2.7 oz toothpaste container, half-empty
    - small lexan bottle, 2 oz?, half-full of Dr. Bronner's soap
    - 2.somethin' oz. stick deodorant
    - 2oz hotel bottle of shampoo (seemed sturdy, and did survive)
    - toenail clipper (I hate fingernail clippers; the toe-size ones work much better IMO for all nails)]]

    - spare toothbrush

    - zippered pouch cannibalized from a lesser bag containing:
    [[extendable ethernet cord]]
    AC adapter and cord for Eee laptop
    2 USB keys
    lexan spoon
    a few bits / odds and ends I can’t even recall ... extra gum, that sort of thing]]

    - passport / travel document pouch (worn on neck while in airport lines) containing
    - passport
    - gum
    - boarding passes (three flights each way )
    - miniaturized 1-page travel doc / contact info / reminders / ideas -- printed in miniscule characters which are readable for me; I prefer that to multiple pages
    - a bit of currency

    - small security blanket for airplane (all my flights seemed to run short of blankets and pillows)

    In small outside pocket:
    - Sony noise cancelling headphones, in pouch; this pocket seems to have been made for them. Batteries, small MP3 player free-riding in this pouch, too.
    - small container (plastic cylinder) of aspirin
    - small (3 oz) plastic container, filled with pine nuts flavored with salt, garlic powder and curry. Pine nuts pack compactly and were very cheap in Israel

    In the other, slightly larger pocket:
    - trip journal
    - compact camera in a small LowePro pouch (’Spectrum 30’)
    - 3 pens, 1 mechanical pencil
    - batteries in a flat pack which can hold 8 AAs (or smaller)

    - housekey (the only key I brought on my trip), on lanyard, with carabiner
    - Zebra AA headlamp. (A great light! Useful low-light output, amazing floody output.)

    In the large open pocket on the back:
    - reading material (a few books, most of the trip) a few scraps of paper for notetaking

    In the center (laptop) compartment:
    - Eee 10” laptop, running Ubuntu Linux 8.10
    - (Some of the time: neoprene CaseLogic slipcover for that laptop in there, too, with the laptop inside)

    NOTE: My work-issued laptop is a MacBook Pro; its battery has gotten bad, though. And since I knew I’d be carrying this bag quite a bit, I chose to take my smaller laptop (with a good battery). the Neoprene case made it a tight fit, but once it was closed, all seemed fine. Sometimes that case lived instead inside my larger packpack.

    Small flat zippered pockets:
    - Top one, nothing
    - Bottom one, a few business cards

    I think that’s it
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