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Large Cafe Bag

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  • reina
    Here's a Flickr set of my Large Cafe Bag


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  • bltkmt

    Great post/review...thanks for the photos!

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  • KarlJ
    Large Cafe Bag

    My new Tom Bihn Large Cafe Bag arrived Monday. Just in time for me to try it out on a quick day trip. I figured the Large Cafe Bag would be great for those occasions when taking a laptop wasn’t necessary.

    I had gone around and around on possible colors, then came across one I thought was going to be a hit: Steel/Olive. So, the verdict? This is one awesome looking bag. It has Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y written all over it. So does the Absolute Shoulder Strap, which I ordered as an upgrade. Together, they make for a fantastic carry solution.

    So now on to the packing of the Large Cafe Bag.

    Lots of photos of Karl's Large Cafe Bag are here!

    In the main compartment:
    • Hardcover book
    • Magazine (whatever just came in the mail as I’m heading out the door)
    • Compact digital camera (with case)
    • Sony NC-60 Noise Canceling headphones (also in rigid case)
    • Airline seat belt extension
    • Keystrap with my keys
    • Medium Clear Organizer – cables, spare earphones for the BlackBerry and iPhone
    • Small Padded Organizer – BlackBerry 8830
    • Small Clear Organizer – A couple of Larabars, a pack of gum, and a miniature box of raisins.
    • Mini Clear Organizer – I keep my airport lounge card, frequent flyer cards, a few stamps in it. I will also put my parking pass and a few small receipts in it.

    In the Zippered compartment:
    • My wallet
    • Money clip
    • Watch and bracelet when I’m about to go through security screening.
    • An extra key strap is attached to one of the o-rings, and I keep a spare small clear organizer pouch attached to it.
    • I also keep an empty 1-quart Ziploc bag.

    This first trip with the Large Cafe Bag would include several connections, so a spare set of underwear and socks was also placed in the zippered compartment (this caused only slight bulging. The bag upholds it's shape very well).

    Rear slash pocket:
    • Boarding passes
    • Car rental and hotel confirmations
    • any other need-to-have-readily-handy docs.

    All that, and easily room for more, like a small Kleen Kanteen, travel umbrella, gloves and knit cap. Carry is comfortable, whether by top handle, or Absolute Shoulder Strap. Boarding and disembarking aircraft, particularly the smaller Regional aircraft is very easy. The Large Cafe Bag fits neatly under all airline seats.
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  • Darcy
    Large Cafe Bag

    In this thread, post a list or pictures of What You Carry in your Large Cafe Bag. We will add your packing list to the Large Cafe Bag page to help give other people a better idea of what the bag can hold.

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  • MaggieScratch
    started a topic Large Cafe Bag

    Large Cafe Bag

    In my Large Cafe Bag, I carry daily:
    • Eee PC 4G Surf in slipcase
    • Charger for same (about the size of a cell phone charger)
    • Cybook Gen 3 E-book reader in case (a little smaller than a Kindle in a case)
    • Vera Bradley Wristlet (which I use as a wallet/purse; it's about the same size as the TB Small Organizer Pouch) containing money, cards, chapstick, tiny nail file, hanky. This has a strap that hooks to the O-ring or hooks to another ring on the wristlet to make a purse, or hooks to itself to be a wrist strap.
    • Another pouch, about the same size, for electronic doodads; I think I'll be upgrading to a TB Medium Organizer Pouch, which will fit with no problem
    • Keys and compass on strap
    • Small umbrella depending on weather

    In the front zipper pocket:
    • Train pass
    • Electronic key fob on a lanyard (for entrance to office elevator and door)
    • Waist straps when not in use! (I have the Q-AM strap so I have at least one of them on there most of the time)
    • Gloves

    In the interior pockets:
    • Treo 680 in slip case
    • spare battery for same in charger case
    • tin of mints
    • pen

    There is plenty of room to spare in the bag.
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