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Clear Organizer Wallet

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    Clear Organizer Wallet

    hi folks,

    i thought i'd share a couple of fun accessories i found for my tom bihn wallet.

    we have today a little video:

    option 1

    option 2

    here are links to the accessories:

    accessory 1.

    accessory 2.

    i would love to see what you are carrying in your tom bihn wallet. please share pictures, videos, sounds, words, whatever you'd like!

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    Outstanding video! I love that pen!

    I keep mine relatively simple and wallet like:

    - Cash in the back
    - Essential cards (drivers license, credit cards, etc.) in the middle
    - Assorted "quick grab" items in the front: change, my cleaning cloth for my iPhone/glasses, and the mandatory "buy 8 get one free" coffee cards for the local shops.

    Oh, I also keep a ukulele pick stashed in there... just in case!
    Bob P.
    Magic Tiki Studios

    Empire Builder (black/steel), Brain Bag (steel), Small Padded Organizer Pouch, Clear Wallet, Soft Cell, Snake Charmer (cayenne) and assorted trimmings.


      Clear Organizer Wallet

      Post what you pack in your Clear Organizer Wallet here!
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        Just got it. I had my ID cards near the front clear side. It has two curved dividers which makes it easy to separate and pull out simply. I had cash in section 2; and receipts in section 3 with larger denomination cash bills. It was truly easy to do one-handed opening and pulling out...and remarkably nothing falls out even if it is kinda hanging to the side!
        And Yeki: I must have bought the last Plum..


          I've got my set up as follows;
          In the front I have my quick access stuff (DL, time card, check card, and Student ID.)
          In the middle I keep the cash
          At the back are the credit cards (bad), reciepts, and stuff that only resides in my wallet from time to time like my S.S.N. card

          I really like the privacy this wallet offers. You can't see any money at all which is nice. My last wallet was the money clip/billfold style and I flashed my bankroll every time I needed something out of my wallet. Made for some uncomfortable moments.
          ID (Black/Steel/Wasabi) w/ Q-AM strap,Large Cafe Bag (Olive/Wasabi), Small Cafe Bag (Olive, Cayenne. It may be a gift!) Clear Quarter Cube (my version of the snake charmer), an Olive clear organizer wallet, and a slew of strapeez.


            Here's what I pack...

            1st divider > DL, voter registration, Medicare card

            2nd divider > Credit and debit cards

            3rd divider > $$$$

            Also, I have my clear organizer wallet on a lanyard
            attached to an O ring in my cafe bag, while I have
            a second wallet that I carry with a little money that
            I'm willing to easily give up in case I get mugged.
            Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

            Travel Lite & Smart


              Our babysitter has not absconded with my wallet (after less than 24 hours in the house); use as follows:
              Front: membership cards (zoo, museums, library)
              Middle: cash
              Back: receipts

              She loves that it clips to the bag and she does not have to worry about losing the cards or taking them home over the weekend.
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                A mugger's wallet! I've thought about carrying one of those. The TB wallet would make it more believable, since it's an unusual design. Clever.


                  Mugger's wallet

                  I carry all my important stuff in my Clear Organizer
                  Wallet, again with a lanyard attached to my cafe bag's

                  My mugger's wallet resides in my cafe bag's front
                  pocket and is the wallet that I carry a few $$$$ to
                  get me through the day and the wallet I use the
                  most. So, the name of the game is plan ahead!

                  I learned this travel tip many years ago.

                  With respect to international travel, I believe the TB
                  small pouch with dividers like the Clear Organizer
                  Wallet would make an excellent travel wallet due to
                  the different size of currencies you often need to
                  carry while traveling.
                  Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

                  Travel Lite & Smart


                    I've been using mine to protect my ipod nano when I travel.

                    Front section: ear buds curled up
                    Middle section: ipod nano (this way the screen is protected)
                    back section: usb cord to connect to the laptop

                    ETA: I have an older, short/squat nano
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                      I've used my organiser wallet twice for special purposes:

                      1. Carrying my pearls while travelling. They were nicely protected between the two soft divider layers.

                      2. (Just this morning!) Carrying the remote control for my hearing aids in the rain. I need to keep this on me for now (they're a new experimental hearing aids) but I didn't want it getting wet in the torrential downpour we had this morning. Again, between the soft divider layers it was perfectly protected.

                      It's too large for me to use it as a wallet. I use a small credit card holder as a wallet.



                        my new wallet arrived today! i ordered the navy (so no clear front), and i love it. this is the first time i've seen navy in person, and it's gorgeous.

                        right now i have my driver's license and visa card in front, my co-op card and punch cards (coffee shops, etc.) in the middle, and other credit cards/gift cards (e.g., gap) in the back. it's got such a slim profile compared to the wallet i just took this stuff out of; it's fantastic!

                        i almost never carry cash, but if/when i do, it will tuck in easily.

                        this is my very first pouch, and i'm suddenly finding myself wondering which ones to buy so that i can file my camera, my iPhone, and my lip balm collection away into pouches as well.


                          I LOVE pouches and organizer bags. My boss jokes about how I have a pouch for everything. I just cleaned out my organizer wallet, so I have coffee punch cards in the front; credit, debit, ID, and library cards in the middle; and cash in the back. I've ordered a mini padded for my nano because it's clear it will be the perfect size.
                          Current carry: Super Ego, various pouches, I/O (when shooting). Incorporating the FIELD JOURNAL!!!! Next up on wishlist: S25 and SE (June 2016)


                            Hi bluedawg,
                            Originally posted by bluedawg View Post
                            this is my very first pouch, and i'm suddenly finding myself wondering which ones to buy so that i can file my camera, my iPhone, and my lip balm collection away into pouches as well.
                            Your iPhone will fit into either a small or mini organizer pouch. Take a look at this photo from the blog. I prefer to keep my iPod Touch in a small size pouch (the same color as the one in the blog picture -- periwinkle was one of the limited edition colors available two years ago). If you keep earbuds attached, or also store a soft cleaning cloth it's easier to take the iPod in and out of the small pouch. Some small digital cameras will fit in the mini pouch. Check the Clear organizer pouch pictures to get an impression of relative size. View d of the Cordura organizer pouch product page shows the relative sizes of the mini, small, and medium pouches. The large pouch is shown in an Imago in this post



                              thanks, moriond, you are a fantastic enabler! i was wondering about the mini vs. small for my iPhone, and the blog post you linked to was a great help. i have a silicone (i guess) case on my iPhone, so i'm thinking a small pouch might be an easier fit for me, so i don't have to wiggle it around too much. heh.

                              looking at the clear pouch pictures, i really like the idea of a medium pouch for my power supply. the snake charmer seems like it would be a bit large for my needs, but that medium pouch seems perfect!

                              i think i might be able to squeeze my camera into a mini... i guess the only solution is to buy a few different sizes and start playing! thanks again for the help, it is much appreciated.

                              oh, (not)clear organizer wallet, look what you've started!