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flat-pack toiletries: does this exist?

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    Luckily I do not "live blog" anything

    The last time I was in a perfumy store of some kind, it was the one in every mall, called either Body Works, Body Shop, Bury the Body ... something like that. They had a sample-sized cologne called Oceanus, iirc, and it's one of the only scented things I've ever been impressed with. I went back after very slowly using up the sample, and found that they didn't carry it any more. But that little sample bottle, which looked like some sort of futuristic drug-delivery method -- *that* is what I want for my shaving oil on short trips. It's fun to pare down



      Originally posted by Darcy View Post
      Hmm, not sure if I can picture you in a Sephora store, timothy. I think you should photograph and live-blog the experience.
      LOL! It could be quite a photo! I would love to see it posted!
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        I was just reading this thread a month late but I hope timothy found Sephora directly across from Westlake Center! I've never been in Lush because the smell sets off my allergies. Maybe I'll give it a go when I am on the way back from Bihn later. I could use a decent shampoo for my hair when I travel. I have some nasty coarse hair and most shampoo sucks honestly. I've used the expensive salon shampoo/conditioner--never again.

        Yeah, they hid the Container Store in Bellevue kind of catty corner to the Postal Office about 2 blocks from Bell Square! There is another in Lynnwood where the Target is about a block from Alderwood.


          Well I finally got myself to a Lush store and purchased a Seanik bar. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now, and am longing for the day that my hair gets used to it and stops being so terribly knotty all the time. Even if I brush my hair very thoroughly, within a very short period of time, its knotty again.

          I don't know if my hair likes the whole "without conditioner" thing. Will it improve? How long will it take before my hair and the Seanik like each other?



            Originally posted by travelwkid View Post
            I don't know if my hair likes the whole "without conditioner" thing. Will it improve? How long will it take before my hair and the Seanik like each other?

            I wish I could even think about not using conditioner. I use Lush's Gentle Lentil. Even though it has moisturizing properties, my wavy hair demands conditioner. So, I use Jungle afterward. It's too strong for my friend to use (she's got normal hair), but it's perfect for my dry hair.
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