Last week my Aeronaut made it's first trip. This was a car trip so the bag did not have to contain absolutely everything I needed like it would on an air trip. However, I did want to see how much I could fit in it. This was a seven day casual (not business) journey.

4 Short Sleeve Shirts (in large packing cube) - I could have packed at least one more
1 pair jeans
1 pair dress slacks
1 Mesh End Cube containing: 4 pair socks, 4 pair underwear, 1 bra
1 small digital camera, with case
1 small 35mm camera, with case
1 iPod, in case (with accessories - charger, FM transmitter, etc.)
1 Clear Quarter Packing Cube containing assorted medicines
1 Snake Charmer containing: nightlight, iPod, headphones, 2 decks of cards, spare batteries, cell phone charger
3 rolls of film
5 music CD's
1 gallon zip loc bag of feminine products
1 empty Medium Clear Organizer Pouch
1 empty Mini Cordura Organizer Pouch
1 pocket New Testament
1 puzzle magazine
1 mesh drawstring bag with zip locs/trash bags
1 spare car key on Key Strap
1 quart zip loc bag with sunscreen/sunburn gel

The two main things that I did not pack for this trip, but would need to for an air trip were my toiletry bag and an extra pair of shoes. I would have to downsize the toiletries. I might have to downsize the meds to get the shoes to fit.

Overall, I was very pleased with the capacity of the Aeronaut. I seemed to be able to keep squeezing "one more thing" in and it did not look "overstuffed."

Also accompanying me on the trip were my Medium Cafe Bag, which made a great "catch all" bag while on the road and my new Side Effect, which I used with the shoulder strap for running about town once I arrived at my destination.