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What's on your very-short-list for Portland, OR?

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    What's on your very-short-list for Portland, OR?


    On July 10, a Friday, I'm planning to be in Portland for either a matter of hours (should arrive late afternoon), or perhaps one overnight. I'm driving down from Seattle w/ two relatives from Michigan who are out West for a cruise, and since my favorite annual convention has moved from Portland to San Jose this year, I'm glad for the reason to get to Portland for even a small bit of time. Yes, it's a long drive for a day trip, but I am cursed with a driving mania, and it's a rare chance to spend a few hours w/ rarely seen cousins. Otherwise, I'd tell them to just take the train, which is a beautiful ride from Seattle. (And this was the original plan, actually, until it was clear I had that day free.)

    #1 on my personal Portland list is Powell's Books.

    If I stay overnight, it is possible it'll be at the youth hostel in the Hawthorne neighborhood -- I've been there before, and enjoyed it. I have not checked there yet for availability.

    What, besides Powell's, should I put on a short list of Portland possibilities, with "frugal" and "unique to there" being a prime factor? (Things that start "A free ..." or "The best cheap ..." are perfect.)

    Nice walking loops of the city? Good sunsets? Esp. beautiful bridges, parks, etc? Interesting perspectives on the waterfront? (I enjoy watching ships / harbors, other interesting large-scale dynamic stuff.) The few times I've been in Portland, I've never been unhappy just to wander / explore, but more specific ideas are welcome. If all goes well, I'll be putting a Tri-Star through a trial run, too

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    welp, i've never actually been there, but seeing as portland is almost vegan-mecca, my personal priorities would be going to the honest-to-goodness vegan strip mall (food fight! grocery, the herbivore store, sweetpea bakery, and so on). and that's the extent of my usefulness for today!


      bluedawg: I am not a vegan, but I like a lot of vegan food. I know Portland's a locus for "that stuff" (there was a great vegan restaurant I ate at 4 or 5 years ago -- Mandala? Magnolia? anyhow -- which has since closed), and that is an interesting suggestion -- thanks! Vegan desserts tend to be fantastic, too.



        Wife, her sister, brother-in-law, and I visited Portland three years ago as part of our Oregon coast two-weekend journey.

        I would suggest the Portland Rose Gardens. Can't remember if there was an entrance fee.

        If you have time, a trip to Mount Hood is also suggested.
        Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


          Rose Gardens -- good suggestion! Mt. Hood is too far on this round. Maybe later in the year, though. Thanks!



            It may be too late for this but:
            The walk along the waterfront is nice- you can walk (or skate) along the river from downtown towards Lake Oswego.
            Also downtown in NW is the Chinese Garden.


              Alas, I didn't do much *new* to me, even though I had a great time -- turned out I was only there were a matter of hours. Took a walk from Morrison and 5th (with my mom's cousin) up to 10th, then turned toward's Powell's, like the big human magnet that it is. I showed her where the Saturday Market is, and we enjoyed seeing the modern streetcars; soon after this, I had to repark, and returned to Powell's in order to get rid of some inconvenient money cluttering up my pocket. Later, met a long-ago coworker, had excellent, cheap Thai food at a place called Chaba Thai, approximately 58th St. and Sandy St.

              Tri-star was quite comfortable, though the more hardbacks, the harder it is to carry any bag at all




                so how many VooDoo Doughnuts did you eat?

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