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Do I need to be organized?

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    Do I need to be organized?

    I am the type of person who throws everything into the main section of a backpack. Maybe pens in a smaller pocket. This past weekend I had a study group and decided to give all the little pockets of my Jansport backpack a try. I've used this bag for years as described above but kept wondering why Bihn puts in so many nooks and crannys.

    I put my book, notepad, and hat in the main compartment. In the smaller compartment, I discovered it was big enough for printouts. Who would have known? I stuck in three pens each into its own pen pocket. The cell phone went into another zippered pocket all by itself. I wrapped a watch around the top handle so I could see the time without digging out the cell phone. I contemplated putting the keys on the internal key hooks but since I may go to the restroom without the bag, I was not comfortable with that so I kept those in my shorts pocket as usual. Trust nobody, including study partners and baggage handlers, right?

    So how did it turn out? I knew exactly where to go for whatever I needed at the time. It was odd unzipping and zipping different areas of the backpack, but I did not have to dig or hunt for anything in the main big area. Did it save time? Probably not altogether when you add up the extra time it took to put everything in separate pockets. But items were quicker to retrieve at the time I needed them. So it really depended on where my time was more valuable, and that day, I had spare time before hand to put items in different areas.

    So now I have a better understanding as to why everybody likes the pockets that go into the Bihn bags. I can definitely see a time savings in bags such as the Swift knitting bag where items would just call each pocket their 'home', or a travel bag that would have exterior document pockets. This method also distributes the weight of the items around the bag instead of the weight all piling up in one location.


    I try to organize my physical world because inside my head it's another story.

    I try to keep all of my electronic, iPod, Camera and Computer cords, devices, earbuds, charges in specific pouches or cases.

    I use the Snake Charmer as well as Eagle Creek Half Tube Cube and Quarter Cube Packing Cubes.