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Argghh! Wallet stolen!

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    Originally posted by fbrown627 View Post
    On a different thread, one person mentioned getting the TB Side Effect and putting it inside the Cafe Bag. The Side Effect could be clipped to the Cafe Bag as well using a key strap.
    The sad part is that I thought of exactly this when the Side Effect was announced. Did I follow through? No....


      Originally posted by maverick View Post
      i don't know if something like this already exists, but it would be very cool to have an alarm system that operates on the basis of proximity for use with sensitive items, such as wallet, keys, your significant other.

      let me explain what i have in mind...

      let's take our wallet as the first example.

      if the two are within a certain proximity of each other (let's say 5'), the alarm system is happy and makes no noise.

      if the two are more than 5' apart, the two start emitting short beeps with a pause between successive beeps. so at this point, the components are still able to communicate with each other.

      as the two grow further apart, the beeps get longer, louder, and repeat with a shorter pause between each beep.

      at a point where the two devices stop communicating with each other (say 10'), the beeping on each device becomes continuous.
      I would love this as would my husband! And yes, we buy it!

      I do have a question: Could 1 of the modules be implanted in my brain for those days when I have either lost my mind or wandered too far off track? Just kidding! Sorry!
      Ego in Black, Steel, Wasabi, Empire Builder in Black, Black, Sapphire (Husband), 2 Brain Cells (Black), 2 Medium Cafe Bags - 1 in Black, Wasabi & 1 in Navy, Cayenne, 2 Large Cafe bags w/Absolute Straps - 1 in Linen, Olive and 1 in Cocoa, Wasabi, Guardian Dual Function Light & Lots of pouches!


        When maverick showed us the video of one of his Cafe Bags perfectly organized with the help of Pouches clipped into the O-rings, I did the same.

        I added three essential items needed for safety clipped on long lanyards then into the O rings.

        I also use key straps and steel O rings to extend the reach of some items.

        For example, I use a Mini Clear Pouch with a short and a long key strap together clipped together to hold an electronic public transportation card (the kind you just scan on top of a sensor)

        That way, the card can be stashed in the outside Cafe Bag pocket or even fit in the jacket's pocket closest to the bag.

        I used on in the DC area and several other cities have this kind of card.

        The San Francisco Bay Area had a similar project in the 90's and new sensors were installed on some buses and in Bart stations.
        I was very exited but before any compatible card was issued the Metropolitan Transportation Commission killed the project.

        Translink is now revived but instead of being implemented all over the Bay Area they are still doing "test runs" on Muni. 10 years later!
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          Runner's Wallet

          When I'm travelling I usually leave my day to day wallet in the hotel safe and travel with this

          I usually only carry:
          • Driver's License
          • Credit Card
          • Hotel Key
          • Cash

          Works great.

          I also have their larger version which is large enough to carry a passport.


            Hmmm... the Amphipod looks pretty cool. I assume it would not easy for someone to lift off of you?



              It's not as secure as say a double steel cable money belt with a proximity alarm and a built in GPS, pressure welded iron toothed mouse trap and a lightsaber. I'm sure that a talented pick pocket determined enough could snatch it away, but it is small and unobtrusive and has worked great for warm weather trips.


                Runner's pouch

                This works pretty well for a travel wallet too, if you are down to a very minimal set of stuff. I use it when running. And you can even stuff an iPhone in there!