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  • jeffmac
    8 day trip to Europe

    OK, this is a first attempt so I am up for suggestions but this is what I put in my Tristar for an 8 day business trip to Europe. Leave on a Wednesday, opportunity for laundry on Sunday and head home on Thursday. 8 days, 5 planes, 2 trains and 4 hotels!

    Packed: With jeans, shoes a long sleeve tee and a ScottEVest to travel in:




    Zippered Pockets:
    Computer PS
    Euro AC Widget

    Deep Pocket:

    In ear buds
    Video Output widget

    Short Pocket:
    311 toiletries

    Divided Compartment:
    Rockports with socks inside
    Dickies shirt
    Button down shirt (there is still some room in this compartment and I am pretty sure I want to get another medium packing cube for this side)

    Center Compartment:
    MB Air 13" in Sleeve
    Side Effect with other toiletries
    Meshbag with phone chargers, cables and USB drive/mini hub
    Monster power Strip

    Undivided compartment:
    2 prs khakis in compression straps
    Small packing cube with 4 pr dress socks, 5 pr underwear and gym shorts
    Medium packing cube with 3 t shirts rolled, 2 golf shirts rolled, and one short sleeve folded on top
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  • paullowry
    A Few Weeks Away

    This is my packing list for a few weeks in autumn/spring in a temperate climate washing only every 8 days or so. Mostly tramping around and sightseeing but being presentable enough to walk into pretty much anywhere and able to dress up for a fancy evening as needed.

    A couple of introductory notes first though.

    I try and travel with just carry on and because I am usually starting in Australia, I am usually subject to a fairly tight “one bag, 7kg” limit both domestically and internationally which tends to be fairly strictly enforced. I’m also allowed a personal item. This means that I use the Tristar as my carry on bag packed exactly to 7kg and a Medium Café bag as my personal item (and also as a day bag at my destination) usually with about 1.5 kg in it.

    Except when I am likely to be inspected or weighed, I tuck the Café bag into the centre compartment of the Tristar and only need to worry about one bag (I also often take the Café bag out on the plane so my personal items are handy).

    You can actually pack much more than this list into the Tristar (lots!). It has a huge capacity but as per the above, I am limited by weight rather than size or volume so I pack the lightest things I can find and have stripped out bits and pieces of the bag (straps, clips for brain cell etc.) which gets it down to 1420 grams vs the as shipped 1550 grams (I can always clip these back in if I need them).

    I’m sure all this would fit in a Western Flyer without much trouble and that is lighter again but the extra flexibility of the being able to tuck the café bag away and have only one bag most of the time works well for me.


    Rear Compartment (bundle wrapped in a large packing cube)

    1 x pair dress chinos
    1 x windcheater (used as the bundle core)
    1 x warm long sleeve shirt
    1 x dress long sleeve shirt
    1 x silk polo shirt (not really silk but very light, thin and elegant)
    1 x t-shirt
    4 x underwear

    Middle Compartment

    4 x pairs socks (laid across the bottom)
    1 x iphone charger and cable w/ necessary plugs

    Front Compartment Larger Side (bundle wrapped in a medium packing cube)

    2 x lightweight polo shirts
    3 x t-shirts
    5 x socks
    5 x underwear

    Front Compartment Smaller Side (in a small packing cube)

    1 x pair dress shoes

    Top Zipper

    Empty for paperwork

    Middle Zipper

    Liquids pack (deodorant, toothpaste, shaving crème etc.)

    Bottom Zipper

    Empty for items from pockets (keys etc)

    Medium Café Bag

    money pouch, cash, spare card
    medicines, contacts, hairbrush etc.
    glasses and case
    sunglasses and case
    mini travel torch
    collapsible umbrella
    passports, tickets etc


    Lightweight cotton pants/jeans
    walking shoes
    sports coat

    A couple more notes.

    I know that the packing cubes of course add back weight but in my view are so convenient a packing solution that it is worth doing.

    The walking shoes are Rockport World Tour and are good to walk in all day but don’t look particularly like walking shoes i.e. wear them almost anywhere. The dress shoes are Rockport Dressports that just look like normal business shoes (i.e. definitely wont attract a second glance anywhere) but are lightweight (700g) and comfortable enough to walk a long way in. I’m sure there are plenty of equivalents but these are the ones that I have found.

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  • TeresTala
    Six Days in Atlanta

    My Tri-Star and I just returned from our first trip together. The flights to and from Atlanta were completely full. On the way to ATL, if I hadn't been able to slip the Tri-Star under my seat, I would have had to check the bag. On the way back the Tri-Star made another person happy by sitting upright rather than sideways in the bin, thus allowing the guy to get his bag stowed.

    I'd call this trip halfway-in-between packing. I could have done with less, but I didn't.
    • 2 pr jeans
    • 2 short-sleeved tee-shirts
    • 1 three-quarter sleeve tee
    • 2 bras
    • 5 pr underwear
    • 4 pr socks
    • oversized tee (pajamas)
    • knit pants (pajamas)
    • Birkies
    • Lightweight fleece hoodie
    • Waterproof shell
    • 3D Clear Organizer Bag - 3/1/1 kit w/ shampoo, lotion, meds, lavender oil
    • Glucometer
    • Travel kit - toothpowder, toothbrush, comb, razor, etc.
    • Extra book
    • Magazine
    • .6 liter Sigg bottle

    One each of a small, medium & large packing cube really made organization easy.

    My 'personal item' was a very small backpack with snacks, wallet, book, knitting, and all the rest of the little bits and pieces that make travel more enjoyable.

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  • lhw
    Packing list for 10 days in Europe

    I spent a week in Rome and three days in London in February. I packed the following into my Tri-Star with room to spare:
    ❏ underwear - 4 pairs; bra - 1
    ❏ socks - 3 pairs; tights - 2 pairs
    ❏ thermal undershirt
    ❏ pajamas - 1pair
    ❏ pants - 1 pair
    ❏ skirt - 1
    ❏ belt - 1
    ❏ walking shoes
    ❏ 4 shirts
    ❏ 1 cardigan
    ❏ 4 silk scarves
    ❏ feminine napkins, tampons, panty liners (in ziplock)
    ❏ toiletry bag: - toothbrush, floss
    - solid make up, makeup brushes, tweezers, make up remover wipes
    - razor
    - emery board, polish remover pads
    - extra contact lenses
    - first aid: bandaids, moleskin, advil, antihistamines, cold meds, antacids, sewing kit
    ❏ netbook and power cord, memory stick
    ❏ camera battery recharger, iPhone recharger & cord, UK/Italy adapters, UK phone recharger
    ❏ tickets, receipts, maps, printed info
    ❏ copies of passports
    ❏ extra kleenex packets
    ❏ rolled up medium sized duffle bag
    ❏ plastic bag for liquids: - contact lens solutions
    - toothpaste
    - hand and body lotions, facial creams
    - fragrances
    - lipstick, lipbalm
    - nail polish
    - mascara, eye liner
    - hair conditioner
    - Tide stain stick
    - nasal spray, antibiotic cream
    and a bottle of water after going through security.

    Otherwise my only carry on was my medium size purse which held:
    ❏ passport
    ❏ etickets/boarding passes
    ❏ camera (fully charged battery, empty memory card)
    ❏ iPhone/UK phone
    ❏ journal & pen
    ❏ reading material (novel, guide book)
    ❏ wallet w/$, €, £ and ATM, credit cards; coin purses; Oyster card; phone top up card
    ❏ sunglasses
    ❏ small toiletry bag:
    - glasses, glasses case, lens case
    - prescription drugs, sleeping pills, gravol
    - small pack of wet-wipes/small pack of kleenex
    - earbuds for iPhone
    - reading glasses
    ❏ earplugs, eye mask

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the Tri-Star does for a 8 day trip in April for which I want to take running and cycling clothes as well.

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  • falconea
    Holds A3 reams of paper

    A silly thing to pack... I needed to transport a ream of A3 size paper (297 × 420 mm; 11.7" × 16.5"). For testing purposes, I loaded in three reams.

    They fit in perfectly, packed in their ream wrappers and also in the lids of the boxes (for a bit of support), with room to spare.

    Of course, it isn't light!

    I'll be carrying my one ream plus all my other junk (a Synapse-full) home tonight for a 1 mile walk and it will be fine.


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  • eastercat
    From my recent recent trip to Europe, a photo list of what I brought.

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  • Darcy
    started a topic Tri-Star


    In this thread, post a list or pictures of What You Carry in your Tri-Star carry-on travel bag. We will add your packing list to the Tri-Star page to help give other people a better idea of what the bag can hold.