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    Side Effect

    In this thread, post a list or pictures of What You Carry in your Side Effect. We will add your packing list to the Side Effect page to help give other people a better idea of what the bag can hold.
    Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

    Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.

    Contents of my Side Effect

    I love my Side Effect and have been extolling its virtues to anyone who'll listen. I switch between my Ego and my large Cafe Bag a couple times a week, and the Side Effect helps me keep all the important stuff together. I took the pic below to show a friend what all I carried in it, and the picture plus the lovely plum color convinced her to buy it as a non-girly-purse replacement.

    Missing from the photo: the Canon PowerShot DS1100 I used to take the picture, and a small pouch of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps (perfume samples). And there's still room for more!
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    Buzz in Black, Imago in Black/Black/Steel, Ego in Black/Black/Steel, TriStar in Black, Large Cafe Bag in Black/Wasabi, SuperEgo in Black/Black/Steel, Side Effect in Plum, a couple Kits, and more clear pouches than one woman could ever possibly need


      Great picture

      That's a lot of stuff! And I love the beautiful plum color of your Side Effect. Thanks for posting the photo.




          Well, mental confusion *is* listed as a side effect...
          Western Flyer (crimsom) with Absolute strap, Zephyr (black), Medium Cafe Bag (steel/olive), Shop Bags (solar, steel), Large Cafe bag (navy/cayenne), Small café bag (forest), Tristars (steel/solar and indigo/solar),Aeronaut (steel), Side Effects (old skool black cordura, olive parapack), Imagos (steel, cork, wasabi, and aubergine, hemp, steel), Dyneema Western Flyer (Nordic/Steel) and miscellaneous packing cubes, pouches, etc.


            Originally posted by Darcy View Post
            In this thread, post a list or pictures of What You Carry in your Side Effect.
            how about a video?


              My black side-effect is crammed, but organized. I carry it with the shoulder strap, like a purse.

              Main compartment:

              - one pocket holds a powder compact and a lip balm
              - other interior pocket holds my rather thick mobile phone, plus a small Fisher space pen
              - protein bar (wrapped in zip-top baggie in case of left-overs!)
              - flat comb
              - micro mini Moleskin notebook
              - Tom Bihn ultrasuede wallet for plastic cards, ID's - attached to a key strap
              - leather coin purse
              - Purell hand sanitizer 59 ml size
              - inhaler (asthma medication)
              - small nail files (wrapped in small zip top baggie)
              - small pair of glasses wrapped in cleaning cloth
              - two packets of facial tissues (it's winter, may need the extra! And protects my glasses...I need a new pair anyway.)
              - multiple keys in leather carrier

              Rear zippered compartment:
              - spare house key
              - folded plastic grocery bag
              - a few disinfectant wipes double wrapped in zip-top plastic baggies

              I also have an additional key strap clipped to another O-ring inside. I can have that hanging outside the bag when it is zipped shut and can clip my bulky but light weight ski-mittens and not worry about their going missing when I'm indoors walking around a mall or store. Yes, it looks odd, but better than having them go missing in the cold.

              (if I can figure out how to post pictures...I'll add them.)

              I wouldn't mind additional side-effect bags in different colours. Brilliant move of Tom and crew to have the pockets in another colour (Wasabi I think?)
              "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale