From the perspective of business travelers... Personally, I agree with much of what's said in the article.

My frustration in the air travel system lies with people carrying on board items that are too big for the overheads and thus have to be laid out horizontally, taking up two spots for legal carry-ons.

I also see people carrying on three (plus) items and the gate attendants are doing nothing to stop this!

The folks at TSA seem to be standing around and/or relying on 'equipment' or random searches to catch potential threats... you know, like patting the seventy five year old grand mother or great-grandmother. Like these women are really potential threats?

I'm flying to Israel in May for a long-awaited pleasure trip and the ONLY international airline I'm flying is Elal!

I like Elal's approach to security using both high tech and psychological methods of screening. I also like profiling! It works!

Frequent travelers say it’s a mistake to complicate security so much that normal travel is further discouraged.