A most versatile Accessory which hauls in the main pocket:

As an everyday paperwork carrier:

A Large Organizer Pouch filled with a letter size/A4 pad and numerous sheets of letter size paper.

An half letter size/A5 plastic envelope filled with all the smaller loose papers one accumulates during the day.

A letter size binder pocket.

Hat and sunglasses.

There is also room for the Quarter Packing Cube

A cheap 100 pages 9x7 notebook the kind found for 99c at even the smallest stationery aisle. (carried for the benefit of the husband unit)

It could hold as much as 3 fully stuffed or 4 lightly loaded Large Pouches by themselves.

A flight bag:

2 letter size poly wallets, the kind with one fabric gusset filled with flight documents for a small plane, full size headphones in a Large Stuff Sack and a small pillow in the bottom of the bag.

A Packing Cube:

All items vacuum packed in zip plastic gallon bags to save space, avoid wrinkles and get dressed up in record time.

A light microfiber suit, jacket and pants.
2 dress Tees
A medium size scarf
A dress clutch

The bottom pocket is suited for soft, pliable and not fragile items such as pliable hats or accessories, pocket tissues stash, cables, Small Pouches with change.

It holds a lot.