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    I just picked up the Ristretto for Netbooks and I love it! Here's what I have in mine.

    In the main compartment:
    HP mini 1151nr netbook.
    The adaptor for said netbook.
    My keys with the included keystrap.
    The Guardian Dual Function light.
    A hardcover book.

    In the front compartment:
    (In the zippered pouch) In-line headphones/mic.
    A pen.
    My Blackberry Bold.
    My iPod Touch.
    My 4" folded folding knife.
    The Clear Organizer wallet.
    A small Moleskine notebook.

    Everything is neat and held safely and securely in place. I think I'm in love.

    Great packing list! What color combo did you get?


      Plum/Wasabi. I loved the Solar on the Western Flyer, but was wary about the Wasabi. Totally unwarranted; it looks great in person.


        What's in my Ristretto for iPad

        I actually bought my Ristretto a month or so before the iPad 3G was available. It was my first Tom Bihn, so I first bought just the Ristretto, but then found out about organizer pouches

        So here's how I pack it...

        In the main compartment:
        iPad in Apple case
        Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
        Medium organizer pouch with iPad charger, microfiber cloth, over-the-ear headphones
        Small organizer pouch on keystrap with iPhone charger, battery, car adapter
        Keys on keystrap

        In the front compartment:
        Wallet in zippered compartment
        In the pockets: pen, pencil, tissues, small Moleskine Volant notebook, cellphone or inhaler
        Clear mini organizer pouch on keystrap for receipts, business cards, notes, etc.
        Sunglasses in small padded organizer pouch (not in photos)

        In the back pocket:
        Moleskine Cahier journal
        Often some loose papers (e.g., letters to be mailed, boarding pass)
        Attached Files
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        Owner of Burnt Orange/Steel Daylight Briefcase , Burnt Orange/Steel Aeronaut 45, Black Dyneema/Wasabi Pilot, Crimson/Steel Western Flyer, Forest/Steel Zephyr, Olive/Cayenne Ristretto for iPad, Olive/Cork/Steel and Cardinal/Hemp/Steel Imago, Plum/Wasabi Side Effect, Nordic/Ultraviolet, Linen/Steel and Conifer/Steel SCB, Steel Breve, Plum/Black Swift, Steel FJN, and various packing cubes, organizer pouches, caches, and other odds and ends.


          My new Ristretto arrived a week ago and has already seen great service. In it I have:
          • Either a 64GB 3G iPad or a MacBook Pro 13" - I don't use a bluetooth key board as I think that the built in virtual key board is excellent. I can type on it far quicker than on a conventional keyboard

          In the main pocket
          • A medium clear pouch containing compliment slips, a cheque book, various pills, driving licence, some post its, a large micro fiber cloth, a set of three Monte Blanc pens, tax tables and (specialy to please Maverick) a lip balm
          • A small padded pouch, on a strap similar to a key strap, containing a 3G dongle, some storage dongles and the iPad camera connectors. The MacBook power pack can go in this instead
          • A super drive sized pouch containing my Canon G10 camera, plus a remote release and a handle
          • My car keys on a Karabiner

          In the zipped pocket
          • A mini padded pouch with my ear buds
          • My coin purse
          • A Skean Dubd

          In the front pocket
          • A TB organiser wallet on a key strap containing supplies of two different business cards for my two businesses and some Euros for my travels
          • Two pens
          • My wallet containing credit cards and cash on an attached moneyclip
          • My iPhone 4 in a beautiful tan coloured Sena slip case in the softest leather

          In the back pocket
          • A supermarket plastic bag to cover the controls on my disability scooter if it rains
          • I tuck in the ends of the waist strap

          And thats about it, but I have also thrown in a couple of A4 size plastic folders for client meetings, and I have carried both the MacBook (in the built in cache) and the iPad in a case (in the main pocket). Or a Filofax in place of the camera pouch. Thank goodness for the Absolute Shoulder Strap!


            What are you UK folks paying for import duty and UPS charges, or whatever? I am wondering about all that side of it.


              Originally posted by RPB View Post
              What are you UK folks paying for import duty and UPS charges, or whatever? I am wondering about all that side of it.
              Really sorry to be so long in coming back, but I was away in Spain. My Ristretto for iPad plus absolute and a few pouches was about £15. My Ristretto for 13" MacBook Pro plus extras was about £18. My Aeronaut was about £22 or £23 I think.


                Over packing the Ristretto for ipad

                My Packing List for the iPad Ristretto.

                I packed for an outing expected to last 3-6 hrs, travel by car - I was expecting to spend some time wandering around and some time waiting for an appointment.

                Took enough stuff to amuse me for a week...

                This list is way more than I would normally carry but would approximate what I may want to take on a med/long haul flight.
                • ipad with smart cover
                • apple wireless keyboard
                • A4 spanish workbook (50 pages)
                • Macworld magazine
                • med sized paperback novel
                • mini padded pouch with apple earbuds
                • organiser wallet with various just-in-case items (headache pills, eyedrops, etc) the kind of stuff you mostly don't use but really appreciate having if you do need it.
                • small organiser pouch with tissues/wet wipes
                • 450ml disposable water bottle (part filled)
                • bi-fold wallet with cash, 1xCC, licence.
                • pen
                • pencil
                • housekeys, car key.
                • (on the way home, a compass ipad stand I bought at an apple store)

                It was full, fitting the ipad stand in (with packaging) was tricky.

                I weighed it when I got home - 6kg without the water bottle but including the absolute strap. This is too heavy for me to carry routinely (shoulder & neck issues)

                I lightheartedly said in another forum post that I was miffed when the Beloved decided the Ristretto was to be a joint resource for the family ipad. Actually it's a good thing because it means I can get him to carry it when it's too heavy for me.

                And what did I use?
                • water bottle
                • novel
                • magazine (briefly, novel would have done)
                • wallet
                List under construction ....


                  Originally posted by RPB View Post
                  What are you UK folks paying for import duty and UPS charges, or whatever? I am wondering about all that side of it.
                  Here in Finland, I paid €35 and change. I was just happy UPS finally delivered it after three days of giving them the door code to the building and them forgetting it.