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no checked bags leads to conversation with security personnel in amritsar, india

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  • pretzelb
    I wonder if "typical" will change if baggage prices increase. I know they want to play the odds to be safe but it has to be easy to understand that these days no one wants to check luggage if they don't have to.

    I once had an issue at the xray. They eventually gave up and went through my bag. Finally they found a medal I got for running a race which apparently blocked or showed up funny on the xray. I had totally forgotten it was there.

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  • no checked bags leads to conversation with security personnel in amritsar, india

    hi folks,

    flying back from amritsar, india, i initially indicated that i had no checked bags. the person checking me in at the air india counter asked me to please wait. she didn't indicate why. shortly thereafter, someone from security arrived to question me. i showed him my aeroanut and synapse and said that i just packed three changes of clothes and was just here for a little over a week.

    air india is used to people checking in two huge suitcases that are usually overweight, and carrying on a good sized roll aboard and another hefty carry on. i certainly didn't fit the stereotypical air india traveler .

    all was well after the conversation with security. i even threw in a bit of philosophical exchange about what we need vs. what we want and he laughed.

    after all of that, i realized that the meditation stick i had purchased and packed in my aeronaut could potentially be used as a weapon and that it likely would not be allowed through security at some point (i was going out of amritsar and transiting through new delhi and new york/jfk). so i explained that and checked in my aeronaut.

    my friends traveling with me had a good laugh over the whole thing.