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Transport Logistics - Geneva Switzerland

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    Transport Logistics - Geneva Switzerland

    Just finished this for my daughter– thought I'd share....
    Getting to/ from Geneva Airport <via train station> Home address withehld.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: when arriving at GVA, find a machine inside the luggage area with the press of a button, will dispense a FREE 80 minute ticket on the public transportation system (bus, train, tram & boat). This ticket is worth SFR 3.00 and should be enough to get you anywhere in Geneva and suburbs within the 80 minute window.

    To Airport From Ave. Flourissant (reverse steps for travel from Flourissant to Airport)

    2 - Exiting xxxxxx , walk right on Ave. Flourissant to the first bus stop.
    3- Procure a "Tout Geneve" pass using either your prepaid card or coins. This is a SFR 3.00 fare - good for 1 hour to all of Geneva via all carriers (bus,train,tram,boat)
    NOTE: If you do not get this "All Geneva" pass, you will be limited by the ticket that you buy.
    4- Get off the bus at the train station "Gare Cornavin" and go inside. The train platforms are to the far left of the station.
    5- Roll your bag up the ramp (no need to use stairs) to Platform 2 or 3. If you are not sure, ask an official for the platform to the airport. Notice the signage for Airport Train and time of departure. Listen for platform notification in English over the PA.
    6- The Tout Geneve pass buys you a second class ticket on the train. Ask which cabins are second class (usually marked with a "2"). DO NOT board a 1st class cabin or you will be fined if caught.
    7- Boarding a train. Lift the heaviest bag onto the train's top landing, then board the train. Stick close to the door if you can. sit inside but try to stay as close to the door as possible to make disembarking easier.
    AIRPORT is the very first stop from the train station. It takes 7 minutes from the Train Station
    8- When leaving the train, check to be sure you have all luggage!
    9- Disembarking a train. Lower the heaviest bag onto the station platform, then follow it down the three steps to the platform.
    10- At the airport. Train station is underground, and the first floor is ARRIVALS. DEPARTURES are on the second floor. If the escalators are working, use them, otherwise, walk down the airport hall away from the train and you'll find working escalators to take you to the second floor. Make your way to the correct airline check in counter.
    WARNING: Airlines love to confuse passengers with horrible signage. Just find the airline marquis for check in economy class. The attendant may direct you to a different line, as they use goofy names for the different classes (hence the confusions)

    Useful Facts:
    Bus From Flourissant to Train Station = 20 minutes
    Bus stop to platform = 2-3 minutes walking
    Train Station to Airport = 7 minutes
    Airport stop to check in = 2-3 minutes
    Platform time and waiting for bus ( varies from 5 - 10 minutes on weekdays. longer on weekends due to bus intervals)
    Budgeting 45 minutes from house to check-in is super safe.

    - Only pack luggage that you can manage comfortably on Bus/Train
    (eg. one large roller, a backpack/carryon and a purse). Pack everything else into the carryon or main bag while traveling to and from airport. Wear a travel-firendly jacket.
    -ALWAYS check to be sure you have your travel documents in a safe but easily reachable place ON YOU (not in purse or luggage). I have a habit of forcing myself to "Look Back" at where I was sitting in case I missed something.
    - Always keep a small pen on you. carry meds, passport and large cash ON YOU, not in jacket etc.
    - Stick your luggage receipt on the inside back page of your passport, not on the ticket or ticket envelope.
    - Always carry enough coinage and small cash to pay for transport and refreshments.
    - If going through multiple countries, carry enough small cash to buy small refreshments etc. Avoid currency exchange windows if you can and remember that paying with a CC or Debit card will result in some handling fees that can be more than what you're buying.
    - Do not take stuff that is extraneous. The most comfortable travel is light and simple.
    - In Geneva, carry a few 2 and 1 Franc coins as 3 Francs buy that Tout Geneve ticket that is cheap compared to a 25 Franc cab fare!!
    - Cabs are located in a couple of the outside squares near the lake. Ask a cop for "Taxi" location.
    - RESTROOMS. If you're desperate to use the restroom, only McDonalds and Starbucks downtown will let you go without buying something. In some parks (eg Park Bertrand) there are amazing public restrooms that open with a push of a button and self clean! they look like strange cylindrical structures and have NO obvious sign-age. see video clip... Sometimes they are closed so don't count on them.
    - BE CAREFUL crossing streets. Cars don't care about you, and Swiss law usually favors the driver.
    - A lot of stores are closed between 12:00 and 14:00 M-S
    - Almost everything is closed Sunday.

    Addendum. Co-op also allows casual and discreet access to restroom facilities.


      Originally posted by Zephyrnoid View Post
      Addendum. Co-op also allows casual and discreet access to restroom facilities.
      Many other big shops let access to restroom facilities, Manor, Fnac...

      Be careful with your luggage at the airport, specially at arrival.
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