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    Here's a great packing list posted by John Irvine.

    Share your packing list for the Co-Pilot here!
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    Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.

    I've been using my Co-Pilot as my everyday bag long enough now that I think I've settled into a standard set and placement of items, so here goes:

    Left Front Pocket:
    In the ultrasuede pocket - Blackberry Curve in skin case
    TB Organizer Wallet on a key strap (use this for cash for the day, debit card, receipts)
    Keys (I have a big collection, so I just drop them in - they're not on a clip)

    Right Front Pocket:
    Assorted pens, pencils, pocket screwdriver
    TB Pen/Pencil clear pouch with checkbook and a thumb drive, clipped to the o ring.
    Large wallet (contains the rest of my cards, cash, etc.)

    Middle Front Pocket (Beverage/Umbrella pocket)
    Since I don't usually carry a beverage, I use this pocket for:
    Pocket-sized camera
    Camera charger
    Phone charger,
    Bluetooth headset in a case
    Small led flashlight attached to key strap/o ring
    (there's still room for plenty more!)

    Main pocket:
    In the open area:
    Plastic file folder with various 8-1/2" x 11" or smaller papers
    Pocket New Testament
    Feminine pad
    TB mini cordura pouch containing microfiber cleaning cloth, clip-on sunglasses and a comb, on a key strap/o ring
    Sometimes, a medium-size paperback book.

    In one of the open pockets:
    Small first aid kit
    A few hand wipes

    In the other open pocket
    Small pill box
    Small tin of mints
    Small bottle of lotion
    Facial tissue packet

    I keep the rear slash pocket open for odds and ends as needed such as getting my mail at the end of the day.
    Owner of TriStar (aubergine/steel), Founders Briefcase (navy/steel), Aeronaut (crimson/steel), Absolute Strap, Co-Pilot (steel/solar), Medium Cafe Bag (steel/sapphire), Imago (navy/cork/wasabi),Horizontal Freudian Slip, Snake Charmer (steel), Wallet (olive), Side Effect (olive), asst pouches and cubes.


      Co-Pilot packing list

      This is my first Tom Bihn bag! (Well, I also bought a side effect, organizer pouch, ultrasuede wallet, key straps etc.) Even before this order arrived, I was working on my list for my future purchases. Then to really see the quality and workmanship in the bags - well needless to say I'm a fan more than ever.

      Here is what I packed into my black Co-Pilot and used it as a makeshift over-night bag. I realize it wasn't really meant for such, but as I don't have an I-Pad... The total weight 6.6 pounds, including the Absolute Strap. It was stuffed, but did not look bulky. It filled out but didn't bulge out.

      Main Compartment:

      - small wrist style "purse" with minimal plastic cards in a pocket, coin purse, compact and lip balm, a few tissues
      - small organizer pouch with makeup (included inside an eyelash curler, a rather cumbersome shape.)
      - 3 D clear organizer cube in olive (packed with toilitries)
      - small case with travel sized makeup brushes
      - large sturdy comb
      - Dyson plastic wide hair brush
      - Mason Pearson boar bristle hair brush travel size
      - two prescription bottles
      - long pad paper (Rhodia size 2.9" by 8/.3 ")...didn't really need it but forgot it was in there.
      - Leuchttrum little black notebook (like a Moleskin)
      - Travel alarm clock
      - small hair clip
      - small plastic zip-top baggie of feminime stuff
      - cotton nightshirt rolled with an extra pair of socks and underwear (all in a clear plastic thin bag)

      Front Left Pocket:

      - Canon Power Shot digital camera (SD800 IS Digital Elph)
      - spare camera battery
      - glasses in a hard sided case
      - small mini "Lantern" on a key strap for an emergency
      - old style Ipod Nano in suede pocket
      - packet of facial tissues
      - mobile phone (older rather thick flip style)

      Front Right Pocket:

      - ballpoint pen in pen slot
      - yellow highlighter in pen slot
      - two small nail files (wrapped in mini zip-top baggie) in pen slot
      - small packet of mints
      - Trident gum (The style with a cardboard "wrap" around bubble pack style gum so it is bigger than a old standard gum packet)
      - mini (micro?) Moleskin notebook (yes, I like paper to be organized in a notebook.)
      - Purell hand cleaner 59 ml size

      Middle Pocket ("water bottle" pocket):
      - black leather ballet slippers in a single fabric show bag
      - mini travel sized lint roller

      Rear slip pocket:
      - travel packet of Wet-Ones hand wipes
      - two folded plastic grocery bags

      I may have even had more in there but I cannot recall at the moment.

      Thank you Tom Bihn and crew for such well made products!
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        Macbook Air 11 in CoPilot?

        Does anyone know if the 11.6" Macbook Air (in a Tom Bihn cache) will fit into the CoPilot?
        Tristar in Steel/Solar with Absolute Strap. Large Café Bag in Black/Steel with Absoulte Strap. Assorted packing cubes and pouches.


          Hello Carl;

          According this post with photos...looks like it will fit!

          "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale


            Originally posted by Carl View Post
            Does anyone know if the 11.6" Macbook Air (in a Tom Bihn cache) will fit into the CoPilot?
            hi carl,

            indeed, it will. it's a snug but comfortable fit. please see pictures below.
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              Peripatetic multipurpose copilot pt 1:travel

              I love my copilot for all sorts of expeditions. Here it is maxipacked for travel assuming it was the only thing I could carry on. I have had to check my main bag twice in the past five years.

              Most times I would not pack the raincoat in the copilot but people have asked whether a jacket would fit. (It does)

              Packing list:
              main pocket:
              Kobo in case
              moleskine notebook
              passport and traveldocs in small pouch
              chargers,adapters and cables in small eagle creek packing cube (1/4 cube)
              raincoat (Eddie Bauer Nisqually) and emergency clothes - undies, socks, tshirt in med Eagle creek 1/2 cube
              3-1-1 bag – usual items

              L front pocket:
              Cell phone

              Centre pocket:
              asthma spacer and puffer
              sunglasses (room for snack or other small item)

              Rt Pocket:
              various pens and pencils
              ipod earphones in turtle case
              camera in case

              That is one deceptive little case!

              Thanks to Maverick for helping me figure out how to post pics!
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                the peripatetic copilot part 2: Knitting expedition

                The copilot also makes a great knitting expedition bag.

                Main pocket:
                Kobo ( I keep a lot of my knitting patterns there)
                Knitting notebook
                Knitting magazine
                Large project (sweater ½ done)
                Small project (socks)
                Medium pouch with circular needles

                Left front pocket
                Earphones in turtle case
                cell phone

                Middle pocket:
                Coffee mug

                Right front pocket:
                Several sets of dp needles
                Sewing needle holder (lovely wood case)
                Tape measure

                The case is not really full and would have room for several balls of yarn if I happened to purchase any on the way. The cat, however would NOT fit!

                Part 3 to come: Copilot goes to work.


                  Wonderful to see the pictures Jannilee! Plus seeing kitty inspecting the goods. Too cute!
                  "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale


                    Which pocket or compartment is for the kitty?
                    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.



                      Mackie is waiting for the Pilot to come out as there isn't room for both him and his knitting in the copilot. He does, however, enjoy helping with the knitting part of the process!


                        Ahhh. My kitty prefers the other end of the knitting, the one that now remains safely inside a stuff sack.
                        Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


                          Jannilee - Mackie is obviously very good with his paws to work the knitting needles. Wish I could knit properly.

                          I'm also waiting (not so patiently!) for the Pilot too!
                          "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale


                            I'm on a quick overnight trip, supporting my brother who is riding his bicycle from Seattle to Vancouver, BC, and wasn't sure which bag/s to pack. I brought my 13" MacBook Pro in a Checkpoint Flyer laptop case, which is a tight but reasonable fit, in the Synapse (which also held several other things, but this post is about the Co-Pilot!). I took out the Brain Bag first, but it's just too big for a warm weather overnighter. The Co-Pilot is my least-often-used bag and it was great for this trip. I packed in a Rick Steves packing cube: one pair of jeans, two t-shirts, sleeping shorts, two pairs of socks, and a pair of underwear. That all went into the main compartment of the Co-Pilot with room to spare. I use the clear quarter packing cube for my toiletries, so it was the wrong shape to fit on top of the packing cube (but there was enough space for the items). I may re-pack toiletries into a Ziploc and lay them on top tomorrow. Also in the main compartment was a small organizer pouch that initially held my small headphones, iPhone charger, and Nano. I put one size 38 Birkenstock in each of the two front pockets, and some spray sunscreen in the middle pocket. I had a ton of space left over, but the rest fit in my Synapse (Kindle, camera, big headphones, other sundries) and I just didn't need very much!
                            Click image for larger version

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                              TCook - wonderful! Well done!

                              I too use the Co-Pilot as an overnight bag. I have so many odds and ends, that I've not yet been able to fit in a pair of jeans and Birkenstocks too. If I brought another bag / handbag - I could probably do it. Hence - I'm awaiting the "Pilot" to be able to fit in a little bit more.
                              "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale