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Packing Electronics

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    Packing Electronics

    I take a 10" netbook in a sleeve, a kindle in a case, and an ipod and headphones in a padded TB pouch with me when I travel. I put them all in a packing cube and I have attempted to leave this packing cube in my luggage when I go through security.

    Two out of the last three times I traveled I was asked to please remove the packing cube, because it was too "dense" and they couldn't tell what it was through the xray machine.

    Last time I took out the netbook and kindle and put them in a bin to go through the xray.

    Just FYI - if you are packing electronics and want to leave them in your luggage, spread them around a bit so they don't look dense to the screener. Next time I think I'll leave the netbook in the luggage and put the kindle and ipod in my purse.

    I can not tell what your point is exactly?

    When I fly I want to know the screeners feel they have seen what is going in the Cabin of the plane.
    I take an insane amount of gear with me by any standard and I am prepared to deal with it accordingly at every screening.
    It is a complete pain in the butt and a small price to pay for a small sense of security to me?

    It seems entirely random to me just how they will screen my stuff.
    On one recent trip I was especially loaded with crap and fully expected it to be a problem but I was not going to check electronics either.
    On my first leg they inspected each item as I have never seen before and it took a while to get it packed back up.
    On the return trip they didn't seem to care at all and never looked inside anything?

    Go figure?

    Anyway,again I would rather they be thorough in the screening than miss something on my flights.



      I thought I'd mention that Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris requires that all electronics--including cellphones and digital cameras--be removed from carry-ons and put separately into the bins at screening. So, if you are going to go through security there, it's a good idea to have a separate packing cube containing all your electronics that you can easily remove for inspection. Otherwise you end up rummaging through your bag trying to find where all your electronics are hiding!

      Same thing was true at the Dubrovnik airport when I went through there once, but Paris is the only airport I know where this is a posted, automatic policy.
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        My point was that you should take out your electronics and put them in a bin, or if they are small electronics like a kindle or ipod that you don't cram them together so that the screener can't tell what they are.

        Did you get the impression that I am trying to "sneak" things through the screening process, or that I resent having to put my stuff in a bin? I don't feel that way at all and I am sorry if I gave you that idea.

        I was trying to be helpful to other travelers, but perhaps no one needs my help.


          Originally posted by ams123 View Post
          I was trying to be helpful to other travelers, but perhaps no one needs my help.
          I appreciated your post, ams123. It's always great to hear travel tips/experiences from a wide variety of folks!
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            Originally posted by Darcy View Post
            I appreciated your post, ams123. It's always great to hear travel tips/experiences from a wide variety of folks!
            +1 here, even on vacations, electronics are part of every trip, it is very valuable to know the quirks of as much security minded places as possible.

            This way, one can be prepared before the trip and pack accordingly instead of fumbling with stuff at security and risk missing a flight.