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Fire safety packing list?

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    Originally posted by haraya View Post
    What would I do in future, if we tried to do this type of trip again?
    - I would rent a sat phone again, and again set up point persons with regular access to CalFire/InciWeb updates, to keep us apprised of any danger
    - I would pack less, and have masks and emergency gear in the car at all times, ready to go. (I had essentials on me, and more stuff in the cabin.)
    - Honestly: given the arid state of the West, I’m not sure I would go that deep into the wilderness again. (If we lived in the area, that might be different, we could be more spontaneous and keep tabs on the conditions when deciding whether to go.) I can’t say I ever really relaxed that whole week - I kept worrying that we would get stuck as we evacuated.
    Great update haraya!

    Something I'd add for anyone interested in this topic on a 2nd option besides the rented sat phone would be a Garmin InReach device. Not quite as handy as a sat phone, but much cheaper and much more useful year 'round (and ideally having both is a great option)

    The InReach devices themselves start at $350 for the mini, and then $x/month for the service plan depending on the plan you pick (which are dynamically configurable by month, i.e., 3 on, 6 off). While this might sound like a lot - and it did to me which is why I resisted getting one for years - I'll say when you consider the yearly cost ($130ish/yr) it's very well worth it for people who routinely hike out of cell phone range. Even on my local weekly suburban hikes there are still a bunch of areas where I"m out of cell range, and the InReach offers a few very useful key features:

    * SOS device - one button contacts the 24/7 GEOS emergency response center via satellite anywhere on the planet. If you get into trouble, or someone near you does, this can save lives. The response team coordinates rescue.
    * SMS satellite tether to your cell phone for text messages & weather - this is great even if, say, you're running behind and want to get the word back but are out of cell range.
    * Tracking device - allows family & friends to see your movement/speed from a website via satellite
    * GPS tether - adds GPS function to you cell phone if it loses GPS connectivity for some reason (the larger devices add full topo GPS trekking)

    Just an FYI for anyone who routinely hikes/bikes away from cell phone coverage but wants to stay in touch AND have the SOS response capability