We are planning a trip this summer, part of which will involve a week near the CA/OR border, away from cellphone coverage or Internet. (We live on the East Coast, so will be flying out for this trip, although the rest of our trip will be mainly in cities/towns.) What are best practices for driving through fire country, and then hiking or camping in the same area? I have a reasonable sense of standard hiking gear/tips - mainly looking for heat/fire-specific guidelines.


- We will be staying in a cabin at a location with other cabins and camp kitchen nearby.
- Meeting up with other folks, some of whom have been there before (some may live there?), not all of whom I know personally but we will all be in the same group.
- I'm keeping watch on Cal Fire and the local county updates.
- We are prepared to change our travel plans if the air quality/heat/fire situation becomes untenable - I'm not THAT set on going to this camp.

With that said, I always prefer to plan for extremes. I'm looking into renting a satellite phone because I want to make sure we have a way to contact people if we are cut off from the main route in. (3 hours to the nearest airport) We'll bring plenty of water of course and will be properly dressed (hats, cover-up clothing, good shoes/boots etc.). I have a few N95 masks I can bring, in addition to regular masks. The camp has a pool in case we can't drive out (last resort if we have to shelter in place). What else? Are there apps that send alerts if a fire starts nearby? (Obviously, the latter will only be good for as long as we are within cell range.) Topo maps? I've heard of fire shelters but I figure if we are considering that then we shouldn't go! Are we crazy for even considering this trip? :eep: