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NYC in early July with the PU and HLT1

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    NYC in early July with the PU and HLT1

    The Parental Unit (PU) and the HLT1 went to NYC for a 2 night 3 day trip in early July. This was my first trip on a train since March 2020 and my first night away from my family since that time. I took the Acela Amtrak and had a really positive experience and safe trip. Everyone was masked the entire time in first class car and I felt that I could relax, read, and nap. It was a really lovely “girls” weekend with my best friend forever (25 years strong <3). I packed light so we could maximize our time exploring the city.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	0DC9D5FE-74CA-47D7-8A62-8E9FA7F6D19C.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	4.15 MB ID:	334986

    On the train going there and returning: I wore a black shift dress, a black matching jacket, and sneakers.I felt kind of chilled on the train and was grateful for my blazer.
    On Day 2: I wore the sleeveless dress, sneakers, and tied the rain jacket around waist because there were rainshowers expected.

    Inside the PU: HLT1 (contained my phone, wallet, and extra mask); a black sleeveless shift dress, hot pink rain jacket, sunglasses, boxers and tank top, charger cords, extra socks and undies, and my toiletries in the wasabi mesh pouch.
    I used the contact case carry method to store small amounts of my deodorant, toothpaste, foundation, and lotion and that worked perfectly for such a short stay! I had access to shampoo and soap in the hotel room. The PU was not full at all and held everything easily.

    We walked a ton- I think my Apple Watch said it was about 20,000+ steps a day because we did not want to get in a car or take public transport. Closed toe comfortable sneakers were essential for my feet. On days out and about I wore my sunglasses and carried just my HLT1 pouch with extra masks. We stayed masks pretty much the entire time we weren’t in the hotel room and I felt I had to change out my mask frequently due to the heat and my sweat. I am not a big shopper (my friend is definitely more into that) so I didn’t need a large bag during the day so the HLT1 was the ideal carry for me.

    The highlights of the trip for us:
    • Visiting the new Harry Potter NYC store. It was quite an experience to get a ticket to go into the store (line up at 6am with scores of other fans, get a code, get texted a time, etc etc) but we did it. My BFF is a super super fan so we had to have butterbeer together (cream soda!) and buy presents for her “kids” (let’s be real, she bought a ton of stuff for herself).
    • Haunted NYC ghost tour in the area surrounding Washington Square Park one evening. The guide was really superb and I loved seeing the historical landmarks and architecture.
    • Picnic in Central Park.
    • My friend has Celiac’s disease so we were very restricted in eating options but she scouted some really awesome places where we could dine outdoors. I liked Nami Nori and scarfed down way too many temaki (see the pic- aren’t they amazing?!). PS- in the pic at the restaurant do you see the name of the “Unoppressive non-imperialist bargain books” book store? As a professor of refugee politics, I was really digging the vibe!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	9A96BE1B-C8BD-438B-B157-8E142A5D4600.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	2.93 MB ID:	334987
    • Going to MoMA, seeing some of my favorite Miro paintings in person…and lounging in the courtyard while enjoying a coffee.
    • Going to the Lego Store and picking up a Statue of Liberty keychain for my daughter.
    • Looking up at the ceiling of Grand Central Station for the first time.

    In sum, it was a really special trip to rest and recharge. NYC was good but not my favorite (sorry if this offends some people-I am more of a country girl at heart). There were just so many people out casually smoking- cigs and weed- and honestly, I haven’t been around people smoking in years and years. It was kind of shocking- but I am kind of an old homebody and truly don’t get out much. I was really glad to get back to my quiet home after a few days away. My Tom Bihn bags were just awesome. If you are on the fence about the PU I would totally snag one with the recent restock announcement.
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    I am in awe that you packed so lightly. I always have too many what if's going through my mind when I pack. I know I would at least add a water bottle and a snack or two.
    Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/


      I felt like other than established meal times I was practically fasting…I didn’t want to pull my mask down to consume food and didn’t want to search for a bathroom while we were out. I was really being extra cautious and in hindsight, I was probably slightly dehydrated as a result…hah.


        nsh you’re a legend. I’m a ‘just in case’ packer and have just about anything and everything in my PU. I admire that you can travel with so much agility.