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Second Aid

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    Second Aid

    Finally got around to assembling a Second Aid kit for flying when I was restocking my emergency kits this weekend (I'm late - usually audit/restock at the time change, but I was traveling this year).

    I often have many of these items or similar with me, but having them all in one kit is easier to access, store, & replenish. I could have used a Snake Charmer or Grab Bag or similar, but it was interesting to use the Second Aid pouch.

    Flying during major holidays isn't usually fun and when people are tired, confused (many people don't fly regularly), and tempers fray, it's nice to be prepared to lend a hand, hold a crying baby, offer a mint or a tissue or whatever...

    So here's the kit of some simple things that I've given to folks in the past or think will be useful.

    Two colouring kits; two Lego kits; stickers; fidget toy; earplugs; hair band; eyeglass cloth; pens; bandaids; stain wipes; ibuprofen; allergy med; motion sickness med; acetaminophen; antacid; feminine hygiene; tissues; mints.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20221126_175845271.jpg Views:	41 Size:	1.19 MB ID:	344365

    Most things are individually wrapped which incurs a bit of waste but is more convenient and I think makes people more comfortable.

    It all fits in the built-in organization except for the toys, which can just zip inside.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20221126_180253759.jpg Views:	51 Size:	921.3 KB ID:	344364
    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20221126_180116528.jpg Views:	39 Size:	1.68 MB ID:	344366

    Things I've yet to add: some of the earrings I give away; sanitizer wipes; sewing kit.

    I'm specifically not including food, water, major medical supplies, etc that the airplane should be stocked with.. This is more along the lines of friendly comfort.

    Any other suggestions or things that you've found hit the spot?

    ETA: knitting friend (who has kids) suggested silly putty
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    What a clever, thoughtful idea!