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friends don't let friends check bags, specially on international flights

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    friends don't let friends check bags, specially on international flights

    hi folks,

    i traveled recently with a friend back from india. our route was ATQ -> DEL -> JFK and then to DCA for me and RDU for him.

    due to weather related delays, we missed our connection in DEL (even though we were advised that they would have the plane wait for us). i can understand that they can only hold the flight for so long. we arrived more than an hour after the scheduled departure time of the onward flight.

    when we arrived at DEL, we looked into what options were available that allowed us to return on the same day. most of the flights that would have connected us through europe had already departed, and we could not get through seats on the flights that had not yet departed.

    the plane that had brought us from ATQ to DEL was still on the ground, and it was going on to toronto (YYZ). they were able to provide us with seats on that flight, so we went through security and re-boarded the flight. because they were in a hurry to get us on board (the flight to YYZ was also going to be late), we didn't even know how we were going to get from YYZ to DCA and RDU. we figured, at least we'll be on the destination continent and in the destination time zone!

    now, my friend had checked a bag at ATQ, and it was checked all the way to RDU.

    when we arrived in YYZ, we knew the bag would not be going through. we believe it would have been off loaded at DEL because it was supposed to transferred to the flight to JFK that had already left. we looked, and it certainly did not arrive in YYZ.

    because we were proceeding through canadian customs without a bag we had checked, we had to fill out a lost bag report declaring that fact.

    it wasn't over there. when my friend arrived at RDU, he then had to file a claim for the lost bag.

    the airline has been helpful and communicative. but they don't know where the bag is.

    so, now my friend has agreed that he is going to stick to a carry on and not check bags. it's a hassle when your bag doesn't arrive with you, and more so when you are crossing international boundaries.

    on a positive note, at least it happened on the way back home rather than on the way there!!

    by the way, from YYZ, i came home to DCA via EWR, and my friend went home to RDU via JFK.

    you could say we took the scenic route back!


      Argh. Did his bags show at last? I'm heading to Bangkok tomorrow, and while I'm carrying on my Ego and my Aeronaut, I've had to also pack a large hardsided suitcase. Why? Because of gifts I'm taking plus taking gluten free food items to a colleague (his 4 year old has to have gluten free and is allergic to corn, and I don't think there's much in the way of gluten and corn free animal crackers and gummi treats available). So, wish me and my luggage safe passage!
      Laura Gayle

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        It's always difficult when you have to check luggage. Good luck!


          What a hassle. Hopefully there was nothing irreplaceable in your friend's checked bag.

          You've sent him a link to the Tom Bihn website, right? ;-)
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            Amen on the not-checking bag thing! We just flew Seattle to Heathrow via Chicago with just our Tristars and Imagos as personal items. Unfortunately, the connecting flight at was first delayed, then cancelled, so we ended up spending more than 24 hours there waiting for the London flight. While most everyone else was stuck without changes of clothes and toiletries, at least we were able to freshen up and change clothes. (Mind you, it was still damned unpleasant...and United Airlines is only offering a 75 dollar e-voucher for the delay, caused by their poor maintenance and then by a crew that had logged too many hours. Sheesh!)
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              I checked bags to and from Iceland due to their ridiculously low carryon weights. On the way back, my bag went missing between Keflavik and Toronto. It was a good thing i had a four hour layover. I had to fill out missing baggage forms, talk to customs and lost track of my travelling companion who had left the secure area. In the end it all worked out but definitely reminded me why I DON'T check bags!


                It was a couple experiences like that converted me to carry on only about 10 years ago. I have a friend who had trouble because she checked baggage when she flew for an interview (who needs to check bags for a 2-day business visit??) -it was a huge headache since she was only there for a day.


                  I always travel with a carry-on bag, whether it's a long or short trip. Ever since I came across Doug Dyment's site onebag.com, it's been a paradigm shift in how I thought about packing for trips. I remember reading that there's only two kinds of bag: the kind you carry and the kind that gets lost.
                  OP, send your friend links to onebag.com and 1bag1world.com.
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                    Good morning,
                    My story isn't about international travel but it seems to fit in here. I've got a friend that I keep telling to take a carry on. You just never know when something is going to go wrong with flights. Well, she left Oklahoma last Monday morning, early, and didn't get home until late Wednesday night. Weather and break downs caused the delays. Guess what, she carried on nothing but a wallet on a string. I'm pretty sure next time she'll remember me being pestiferous and will have a carry on bag to hold her over for a couple of days. I travel with my WF and Synapse. My Synapse is plenty big enough for a couple of days of unplanned travel adventure.
                    Take care,
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