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34 Day Europe Trip with Tri-Star & Co-Pilot

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    If you want to try the minimalist running/walking shoes, but find the Vibram Five-Fingers too loud (in a fashion-sense), you might want to look at the Merrell Pace shoes. They're great for warm weather travel because they weigh almost nothing and are crushable.


      Please pardon a dumb question (from someone new to Tom Bihn) in response to an old post, but I couldn't find information on one thing:
      What's the best way to carry the Co-Pilot together with the Tri-Star? It seems like almost any way of carrying both is likely to be somewhat awkward, but I assume there's a good solution?


        jmoz, for me, the answer is to carry the Tristar in backpack mode and to sling the copilot across body in front of me.


          snowbot- Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply. What you say makes total sense, and I can probably do that with my Patagonia MiniMass (until I can pull the trigger on a TB replacement for that, too, but it might be awhile).

          My Tri-Star (with accessories) is due on Tuesday, and I'm (weirdly) excited about getting bags. It's a strange feeling to actually care about them....


            Oh, my. You have found your people. We are working on putting together a 12-step program. Many agree that we need one, but no one seems to want one...from a woman obsessed with all things Tom Bihn.

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            The stockpile keeps growing...I'm in serious trouble.