First off I hope this is the correct place for this?
Since we discuss packing and travel and day to day personal logistics here this seems like a natural extension to maybe the most used and carried device we all use.

I must be the only person around who needs a way to carry my phone on my Belt?

I can not stick the phone in my pocket for a number of reasons which seems to leave me with few options.

With the incredible popularity of the iPhone and really of all phones these days why are there so few carry options out there?!!?!?

I am going crazy just trying to find quality options and I speak with others every day about it and there just seems to be a vacant spot in the market where something like this should be.

It all started again for me when I moved to the iPhone 4 and left my 3 behind.
I had been using the Otterbox Defender for Blackberry and then iPhone 3 for years and all was well.
I work frequently in tough environments and on construction sites. I could simply not worry about my phone because the Otterbox was on the job!

Then the iPhone 4 Defender is completely different and provides weak protection where the older model shines. Not only will the new model not keep dirt out but it makes it tough to get out once it is in.
The plastic is weak and the belt clip too strong,so much that it breaks the rest of the case through normal use.

Anyway this is not about any particular brand or manufacturer but instead a desperate cry for help!

I need a Holster that clips on a belt. Hopefully part of a system with a case.

I know of a few but each offers some major flaw or quirk so far making them unusable as far as I can see.

Thanks for listening.