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Three-week trip with an Aeronaut

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    Of course I'm late to this thread, but two of my dogs now have been obsessed with the hearts of Romaine lettuce (the white stem parts, NOT the leafy green parts -- it works out very well for our salads!). When Rosalind was teething, I'd stick the white pieces in the freezer, and that worked very well. Zoe's favorite treats were baby carrots, but Rosalind won't eat them.
    She's the least food-motivated dog I have ever met, with very notable exceptions for the aforementioned lettuce, beef, and peanut butter. She'll play with food, but she rarely finishes her food.

    We need to get around to taking pictures with our FoT pouches! Since I've used mine more, the embossing is almost worn off, but the other one is still in good condition.


      I made a salad tonight (see recipe below) and the dogs were pretty funny about it. When I was prepping the fennel, I was feeding them bites of it, and they were like "crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch . . ." and being kind of pokey about eating it. Once we had dressed the salad and were about to sit down, I gave them some fennel and they were like, "gulp." They really prefer their salad dressed (and blue cheesed, natch).

      Salad that my Corgis Like:
      halve a fennel bulb lengthwise; core and shave paper-thin with a chef's knife. Dump in a bowl. Peel a green apple, core, and julienne. Dump that into the bowl, too. Chop up about 1 TBSP of fennel fronds. Into the bowl. Toast a big handful of pecans, and crumble up a nice hunk of blue cheese, like Cashel or Gorgonzola dolce. Don't dump in bowl just yet (ha! gotcha!).

      Make a dressing of 1.5 TBSP lemon juice, 1.5 tsp white wine or champagne vinegar, 1 tsp Dijon mustard, 1/4 c olive oil, and S/P to taste. Dress the salad with this dressing and add extra pepper and maybe a little extra salt, too. Top with pecans and blue cheese. Feed to corgis from the table, saving the pecans and biggest chunks of cheese for yourself because they don't take the time to savor it, the philistines.