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  • misterN
    NCB4 -

    Grado Cans are my headphones I'm using. I believe they're made out of New York. As for the Tokina, as far as I have read, it's pretty much the best wide angle lens for DX (crop) sensor lenses for Nikon. (I also heard that Tokina provides the glass that Nikon and Canon use for their lenses.) I haven't really had an opportunity to take great shots with it yet. I'm hoping one day to head into lower part of the mountains around the Phoenix area, they're some pretty neat places there.

    Going back to the Aeronaut - Due to me flying southwest, I got stuck with checking the family's bags to save bag fees (they're flying Airtran.) I really found myself wishing I would have packed only one bag and skipped on bringing my Super Ego with me. Now I have to navigate a golf travel bag, a large checked luggage bag with my two bags. Oh well.

    A side note: My plane got a bolt thru the front tire, so I'm also delayed 45 minutes now

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  • ncb4
    If it all fits, how can it be too much? And I'm laughing at the "Tokina (gasp)" lens. No glass snobs here; we've seen your photos, and they're phenomenal. If you like the images you're getting with that wide-angle lens, then it doesn't make any difference who made it. Though I do have a question: what's a Grado can?

    Merry Christmas,


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  • misterN
    Originally posted by Katy View Post
    All I can say is: WOW!

    Have a wonderful holiday!
    Too much????

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  • Katy
    All I can say is: WOW!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

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  • misterN
    started a topic My Aeronaut

    My Aeronaut

    Well, in about 24 hours I'll be landing in Phoenix for a nice Christmas vacation with my parents and grandparents. My Aeronaut is taking its first trip as well. Below is what I'm bringing with for my 8 day trip.

    1 - Dress Pants
    1 - Jeans
    1 - Sweat Pants
    1 - Zip Up Sweatshirt <---This is my bundle.
    1 - Dress Shirt
    2 - Polo Shirts
    Stuffed around/on top of my bundle are:
    1 - Khaki Shorts
    1 - Workout Short
    1 - Long Sleeve Henley
    1 - Pair of Flip-Flops
    2 - Workout Cutoffs
    2 - Nice White T-Shirts
    1 - 3-1-1 Bag
    In the mesh compartment:
    - 3 pairs of boxers
    - 4 pairs of sox
    In the end pocket without the extra zippered pocket is my camera insert/bag thingy holding:
    Nikon D7000
    Nikkor 105mm DC Lens
    Nikkor 35mm Lens
    Nikkor 70-300mm Lens
    Tokina (gasp) 11-16mm Lens

    This of course, is going to be pulled out of the end pocket and hidden next to me on the plane.
    Other end pocket:
    1 - Pair of Workout Shoes
    1 - Small organizer pouch w/ razor blade, brush
    1 - Toothbrush
    Diagonal Zippered Compartment
    - Nothing. The bag is pretty packed and I don't see what I'll be putting in there.

    I'm also taking my Super Ego as my "personal item" which has:
    - MBA 13" w/ chargers, cables, etc
    - iPad
    - Grado Cans.

    Going back to my Aeronaut - It is very full. I could make much more room had I skipped out on the sweat pants/zipper hoodie. I could move some more stuff around if I wasn't using the end compartment for my camera. The camera would fit into the Super Ego just fine, but with the kit it becomes kind of bulky, and I'm trying to limit the bulk I have to my Aeronaut.

    We'll see how the trip goes--I'm not imagining any problems.

    Happy Holidays to Everyone!