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Tri-Star goes cruising

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    Tri-Star goes cruising

    I just returned from a 14-day trip with my new Tri-Star and Co-Pilot, and took the following pictures in the aftermath. Although things looked prettier at the beginning of the trip, the end story sometimes tells more. I was a little worried at first about the hyper-organization of the Tri-Star, but it worked out great. It allowed me to stay organized while alternating between travel on a Turkish gulet (10-cabin cruising boat) and hotel stays in Madrid and Istanbul. My travel companions were stunned at how little luggage I had. The TS weighed 9 kg and the CP about 2.5 kg, depending on how much water I carried.

    The Co-Pilot carried my iPad, water, wallet, and snacks for our daily excursions; it was great even for hiking and beach trips. For the flights, it carried headphones, pens, and a few small items in the right front pocket. Water and snacks in the center pocket, and wallet pouches, phone and MP3 player in the left pocket. The main compartment held my iPad in a case and neoprene pouch, a down travel pillow in a small stuff sack, reading materials, and travel documents in an envelope sized plastic pouch.

    Click image for larger version

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    This shows the contents of the divided compartment: sandals in a plastic bag in the small side, swimsuit that was still drying, laundry bag, pj's and a couple random items like the converter that never worked

    Click image for larger version

Name:	divided pocket contents.jpg
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    Looking into the center comparment, where I had a pair of shoes along the bottom, and two packing cubes about 8x10x3, plus the 3D organizer pouch with liquids. (I ended up checking the bag several times, which is why the liquids ended up here).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	inside the center pocket.jpg
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    The outside compartment with compression straps held my Tilley hat, a 10x14 packing cube and a small packing cube, plus two smallish kits for toiletries, vitamins, first aid stuff.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	outside contents.jpg
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    This shows the outside compartment fully packed.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'll post this before it disappears, then list the contents in a followup post.

    As for the packing list, here goes.

    Giant packing cube held all the stuff that was needed for the week on the boat:
    2 swimsuits
    large travel towel
    lightweight hoodie beach cover up by Ex Officio
    Patagonia baggies swim shorts
    long-sleeved sun-protection shirt

    medium packing cube for tops:
    sleeveless Ex Officio buttoned shirt
    cotton short sleeve button shirt
    2 lightweight tees
    dressier linen shirt to wear as a light jacket over the tank
    lightweight cotton cardigan - the only item I didn't use at all on this trip

    medium packing cube for bottoms:
    loose linen pants
    Patagonia Sol Shorts - best thing I took, because they weigh about 2 oz, dry quickly, can be long or shorter, and are the color of dirt!
    Patagonia cargo skirt - also very light and functional
    Lucy long-ish capris - bright orange, so I didn't wear them daily, but they were fun to have

    small packing cube:
    14 days worth of underwear (I know, Lani will shriek if she reads this, but I don't want to do laundry while travelling if I don't have to!)

    other stuff in the bag:
    Merrell sport sandals
    canvas mary janes, for dressier wear
    toiletries in three small bags
    the usual travel detritus - bungee cord with clips for a clothes line, ace bandage, converters, chargers, a book (thank goodness I can put most of my reading material on the iPad now)

    And I usually wore on the plane my travel pants with many pockets, a tee, an UnderArmour zip hoody, and tennis shoes. Carried the Co-Pilot with the stuff listed above.


      This is a great list, kmcg! I have an Aeronaut but have only carried it once so far. Good to know how much capacity it has! I carried nine full Christmas stockings to my parents home, along with a week's worth of winter clothes, on my Aeronaut maiden voyage! I should've taken pictures. I'll be doing it again this year, so I'll be sure to do that. I also have a Co-Pilot and use it for my work briefcase and purse combined. It's an absolutely amazing bag!


        I agree: the CP is a great bag for work. I don't really need a briefcase, as long as I can fit papers in whatever I'm carrying. It's been the CP only for several months now.

        Winter clothes would have been more of a challenge, but the Tri-Star sure worked great for a summer trip. Of course I had a lot of boat-specific stuff for this one, so could probably change that out for warmer clothes. Who knew how much space/weight a couple of tankinis take up? Ah to be young and wearing a bikini again ...


          Yes, I struggled betweent he WF and Tri-Star, and the WF won out for me. I'm 5'0" and wear a size 6 shoe, so I can fit a lot into the WF. Then, when I needed a larger bag, I ended up getting the Aeronaut. Your list here makes me want a Tri-Star too, though! How Goldilocks of me - each trip needs a bag that is "just right." Ha!


            So organized!

            Dwright - had to laugh at your Goldilocks remark, for I too see nothing wrong with a selection of bags to make sure there is one that is "just right" depending on the trip involved!
            "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale


              Who just called me Goldilocks?

              Very impressive packing Kmcg!