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Waterproof shoes for fall/winter walking

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  • Lani
    Janine -- I'm particular to shoes by Brooks, and they sell a couple of running shoe models that are waterproof. They use GoreTex, and they use the "GTX" suffix on their shoe models. I don't know that these would work for you, but they may be the kind of feature to look out for.

    Their regular Adrenaline model: Brooks Adrenaline

    Their GoreTex version of the same shoe: Brooks Adrenaline

    As for insoles, it depends on what your're looking for. If you're looking for good arch supports and cushioning, you might try Superfeet insoles. If you want to spend a lot of money, the SOLE brand (designed by runner Dean Karnazes) is pretty nifty. You actually put your SOLE insoles in the oven for a couple of minutes to soften them up, and then you stand on them to get a custom orthotic-type fit. You can buy both brands at an REI store.
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  • Janine
    started a topic Waterproof shoes for fall/winter walking

    Waterproof shoes for fall/winter walking

    I wear my sneakers all the time. They are particularly comfortable for the 3.6-mile round trip that is home to daycare to work to daycare to home. We love this walk! We go through the University of Kentucky campus, which has interesting landscaping and lots of paths to explore. We've been doing this since we changed daycares in April. There's even a grocery store a few blocks from our route, so I can pick up emergency bananas if we run out. (Danger! Never leave the house with toddlers and without bananas!)

    It rained on Monday and Tuesday this week, which reminded me that sneakers with mesh panels at the toe are not the best thing to walk in when it rains.

    Can anyone recommend good urban walking shoes (mostly pavement, some grass and packed dirt paths) that are waterproof, have wide toe boxes, have good arch support (or removable insoles that I can replace), are comfortable enough for all-day wear, and are cute? I have a pair of Keen boots that I like a lot, but they are well-worn and probably should be replaced.

    Actually, if you have recommendations for insoles, too, that would rock. I usually just get whatever brand the shoe store sells. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't.


    ps. I loved all the great advice on the "what shoes do you pack" thread!