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Flight with an AV unit in seat in front of me, will a Smart Alec fit?

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  • BJ Nemeth
    I have used my Smart Alec as my under-seat carryon (w/ my Aeronaut overhead) for the past five years or so, and while it doesn't always fit entirely under the seat in front of me, the part that sticks out has never been enough for a flight attendant to say anything. (And they have seen it.)

    I always request window seats, and I have definitely had to deal with those AV boxes (or whatever they are) eating up some of the under-seat space. So the Smart Alec uses up most of my foot space, but still works. (I'm a 5'10" man, and I usually slip off my shoes and slide my sock-clad feet under the Smart Alec -- more comfortable than it sounds.)

    Moral of the Story: Even when my Smart Alec doesn't fully fit under the seat in front of me, it's never caused a problem.

    Edit: I should point out that while I usually fly cross-country, I do fly on smaller regional plane a couple of times a year (I sincerely enjoy flying on propeller planes), and my Smart Alec has still been underneath the seat in front of me every single time.
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  • bchaplin
    Thanks! The issue is, though, that seats with an AV unit can have as little as half the width available. So it actually might be a smaller space than what is under a seat on a regional jet that is not blocked by equipment.
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  • Darcy
    Hi bchaplin,

    This thread might have the information you need:
    Best accompany bag?
    (note rabergnc's response: "I too have flown using the Smart Alec as a personal item without difficulty. It has easily fit under the seat in all regional jets I have flown on as well as on those tiny beechcraft planes where each of the 19 seats is a window and an aisle seat."

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  • Flight with an AV unit in seat in front of me, will a Smart Alec fit?

    I'm on an overnight flight from the U.S. to Amsterdam, Delta, on a Boeing 777. I chose a window seat because that's the only way I can get any sleep. But from seatguru I know the seat in front of me has a limited amount of space due to a bulky AV unit. So I'm wondering if it is practical to take a Smart Alec as my carry-on, and if there is any chance it will fit under the seat in front of me.*

    Has anyone tried this?

    *I know from prior experience this is likely to be a very crowded flight and I'll be last to board. I can't count on any overhead space, and anyway I want the carryon with me. I was actually thinking of putting a pillow in it...
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