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traveler's report: first overseas trip with an unlocked iPhone 5

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    It depends which phone she has. The iPhone 5 takes a "nano-SIM" card, which is a different size than the standard SIM. You can apparently cut it to fit with a special tool (or, I guess, scissors, if you are very skilled), but I don't know if I'd try this. I went to some trouble to buy a SIM card for my phone that was nano-sized.

    Originally posted by jeffmac View Post
    Also, if they are providing her a GSM phone in Argentina she could pull the SIM out of it and put it in her iPhone5.

    This would give her a local number she would be using with her existing phone.
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      I have actually done it a couple of times with good scissors but most phone stores have cutters and you can then keep the piece around it if you need to put it back in a MicroSIM sized phone.