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A Brave New World

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    A Brave New World

    Well so begins a whole new chapter! I've traveled with a Ballistic Aeronaut for two years and more recently with the Dyneema version, but at 03:30 tomorrow I'll be leaving in the snow with my wife's Dyneema Tri-Star! We've a lot of stuff to bring back from this trip so Heather's taking her 'Body Bag'. A behemoth, it's big enough to hold at least one, if not two bodies plus an Aeronaut! We'll come back with the Aeronaut and the Tri-Star plus the 'Body Bag', all loaded to the gunnels. This time tomorrow I'll know how well the Tri-Star handles!

    Originally posted by Fat Crip View Post
    ... 'Body Bag'. A behemoth, it's big enough to hold at least one, if not two bodies plus an Aeronaut!
    DING! That's it! My 2013 TB Wish List item... a Tom Bihn Body Bag (Steel/Iberian) please!

    Someone please help me!
    I have BAS (Bihn Acquisition Syndrome)!!


      You can't carry it on though!


        Not every bag must be carried on. Also worth noting: not all travel is done by plane.


          Well, the body bag was on the carousel in Alicante Airport... just as well as one of my Aeronauts was in it. On the return leg, the body bag, the Aeronaut and a Tri-Star will be carrying all evidence that we have lived here on and off for the last six months, leaving our little villa a tad anonymous, but still charming, ready for a summer of renters starting early next month.

          More importantly, the Tri-Star was excellent! I really like the centre pocket for my MacBook and my Kindle. I had three packing cubes (well two plus a packing cube shoulder bag), but none were remotely full as I wanted to leave enough room to take things home. After all, I discovered today that Heather and I have 40 hangers in our wardrobe here... all full! I have 4 pairs of trousers, 8 t-shirts, 2 short sleeved shirts, 2 long sleeved, 4 fleece jumpers, 3 thermal base layers plus socks, underwear - all for a 6'2" 250lb guy - and a pile of electrical gubbins. Now that'd be a challenge for even an Aeronaut! I'll leave some of it locked up here, but, hence the body bag.

          I so like the Tri-Star that I think it is likely that, when I'm traveling on my own, this will be my first choice unless I need the capacity of the Aeronaut. Even, if I was only going for a night or two, I'd like a Western Flyer as I like these bags so much. I do need the rucksack straps to put the bag on the back of my chair.

          Down sides to the Tri-Star? Well, yes. Two principally. First, and this isn't by any means a criticism of the bag, but more of RyanAir! It is easy to over pack so as it can easily exceed by 50% the 20cm (8") maximum depth allowed for carry on luggage. Secondly, it requires careful packing to stop it turning out barrel shaped. It's easy to do it properly, but it takes a little thought. The packing cubes really help with this as they help you to think 'square'!

          Over all though, I really like this bag, and especially in 400d Dyneema! Steel/steel is, perhaps, too conservative compared to the wasabi lining of my Steel Dyneema Aeronaut, but I'd really like one in 400d wasabi dyneema with, maybe Iberian lining!