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My packing list for my weeklong work trip to Waterloo, Ontario

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    My packing list for my weeklong work trip to Waterloo, Ontario

    I posted a photo of my Nordic Dyneema Western Flyer and Packing Cube Shoulder Bag in the underseat space of my flight from SFO to Toronto, and Darcy asked me what my packing list looked like, so here we go!

    Flew in Sunday, staying through Saturday. It's a business trip but I have a nerdy job so I can get away with wearing relatively casual clothes (weeklong meetings). I've been running, as you know, and wanted to maintain that during the trip, so I packed a set of running gear with me. I also packed layers and wash-friendly clothes because in order to pack light, my plan was to rinse my running gear after my daily run and hang them up to dry in the hotel room bathroom.

    Other than my running shirts, which use wicking fabric and which I knew would dry real fast, I packing SmartWool items that I knew wouldn't smell, and would also dry relatively quickly.

    My list:

    1 pair jeans (worn on flight)
    1 SmartWool long-sleeve shirt
    1 thin dressier shirt (worn on flight)
    1 pair black yoga pants (that camouflages as dress pants)
    2 plain wicking T-shirts that camouflage as regular shirts appropriate for casual work environment
    3 pairs SmartWool socks (1 pair worn on flight)
    3 bras (1 worn on flight)
    3 pairs underwear (1 pair worn on flight)
    1 pair jogging shorts
    1 pair knee-length capris (to run or lounge around in after work)
    1 Nike Featherlight visor (these are super light and dry really fast)
    1 warm-up jacket (worn on flight)
    1 windbreaker
    1 thin colder weather jacket (carried during flight)
    1 Buff neck wrap
    2 pairs running shoes (1 black pair that camouflages to look like office shoes, and a second pair that I actually run in). I could have taken the second pair to run in, and worn pumps (fortunately I didn't need to dress up THAT nicely for this trip).

    Outfits for work:
    Monday: Gray SmartWool LS shirt, jeans, warm-up jacket, cold weather jacket
    Tuesday: Dressier shirt, yoga pants (warm-up jacket if colder)
    Wednesday: Short-sleeve shirt, jeans, warm-up jacket
    Thursday: Second short-sleeve shirt, yoga pants, warm-up jacket
    Friday: Dressier shirt, jeans

    Running after work in lined running shorts, short-sleeve shirt, 1 pair SmartWool socks, bra, visor, windbreaker.

    When back to hotel room, shower and rinse running clothes in shower at the same time. Wring running clothes dry using bathtowel just showered with, hang clothes in bathroom to dry. All running clothes dry by the next day's run.

    If yoga pants and jeans need to be washed, either use hotel's laundry facilities or send out to launder. If not hot and not sweating, should be OK for twice wear.

    Western Flyer

    Packing Cube Backpack in main compartment houses:
    - clothing
    - Thinkpad laptop in a neoprene sleeve
    - 3D mesh TB organizer with make-up
    - 3D Dyneema organizer with cables, chargers

    Packing Cube Shoulder Bag includes "purse"-type contents, iPad, packed in front half compartment

    3D clear organizer 3-1-1 kit on top of PCSB to go through security

    Running shoes in other half compartment

    Front bottle pocket: Copco Brew View acrylic tumbler for coffee and cold drinks

    Front horizontal pocket: Vitamins, snacks, Starbucks VIA packs, etc.

    A couple of extras I packed include a tennis ball (I use it in place of a foam roller to work out calves), a packable night splint for my foot (I have some residual Achilles tendonitis so I sleep with my foot flexed), folding travel spoon, my Garmin 910XT GPS watch and its charger, and my Copco Brew View acrylic tumbler travel mug. I love the mug and I use it make decent coffee in the hotel room.

    A couple of tricks I used to keep things to a minimum include using a simple neoprene sleeve for my laptop rather than using a separate laptop case. During the week, I pack the laptop (in the sleeve) into the Packing Cube Backpack with the 3D organizer that has my cables and my Packing Cube Shoulder Bag. I can use the PCSB when I tootle around town and use it as a purse.

    Everything packed up nice and small, and worked out great for my outgoing flight--it was completely full so Air Canada was REQUIRING everybody with rolling upright carryons to go to the front counter at the gate for a manual inspection and bag sizer check! Since I had a WF I didn't have to do the test, of course.

    I went for a run after I checked into the hotel yesterday afternoon, and rinsed the clothes in the shower. Wrung them out extra well with the bath towel I just used, and hung them up over night. All items (including the socks) were dry by this morning!

    Here's the photo from the flight:

    Photo by msteni • Instagram
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    Nice list as always, Lani. My anal-retentiveness chortled and hugged itself—apparently, you made its day.


      [Second try at this post, with a more reasonably sized photo.]

      I've been in Waterloo (Ontario) all this week and I thought I'd post another photo. Everyday, I pack up my bag to go to a workshop, and I'm using Tom Bihn gear.

      I take my laptop, which I tuck into a neoprene sleeve, and slide it into my Tom Bihn Packing Cube Backpack. I take the AC adapter, cables, and small travel mouse and put them into a Tom Bihn Steel Dyneema 3D Organizer. I also take my TB Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, which serves as my purse. I zip it all up and take it with me... while my co-workers use rolling backpacks, big laptop cases, and generally carry way too much stuff. I like my streamlined look.

      Click image for larger version

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        Awesome! My company's head office is in Waterloo (I am based in Toronto). Hope you're enjoying the K/W area. I love your packing style. I ordered my Synapse 19 yesterday, so I am looking forward to even lighter travel in the near future.
        LCB, S19, SE, Co-Pilot, wallet, pouches, Little Swift, travel trays


          Originally posted by yohopee View Post
          Awesome! My company's head office is in Waterloo (I am based in Toronto). Hope you're enjoying the K/W area. I love your packing style. I ordered my Synapse 19 yesterday, so I am looking forward to even lighter travel in the near future.
          I'm in Toronto too. I wanted to order a S19 as well. When yours arrived, did u have to pay any extra duty or customs fees on top of shipping?


            What about a gadget list next time?