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5 weeks across Canada tentative packing list

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    5 weeks across Canada tentative packing list

    Hi everyone
    I posted a while back about which bag I needed for my trip across Canada, I ended up getting a Tri-Star with packing cubes and a ipad cache, so far I really like the design and durability of the bag, I've done a mock pack and that went okay but I'm still trying to hash out the last few details. I'll be in Canada from the end of April to the first week in June, heading from Vancouver to Halifax. Here's my tentative packing list (I'll post pics when I get time):

    1 pair of sneakers
    1 pair of foldable ballet flats
    wear 1 pair of comfy walking shoes

    2x long sleeve icebreaker
    3x tank tops
    1x icebreaker t-shirt
    1x dressy top
    1x icebreaker hoodie
    wear icebreaker t-shirt
    wear light jacket (this I'm not sure about, do I need one?)

    1x lightweight black pants
    1x stretchy jeans
    2x leggings
    wear jeans

    1x long sleeve dress

    2x bras
    wear one bra
    7x underwear
    wear one pair

    1x ipad
    small toiletry bag

    And I'll have a small handbag as well.

    Things I don't know if I need:
    Scarf and beanie?
    Rain jacket?
    Athletic wear for hikes or other activities?

    Any tips or suggestions? Things I should leave behind?


    PS Thanks to Terayon for tips on what to do in Winnipeg

    You are unlikely to need tank tops or one at most. You will definitely need a jacket. I would suggest awind proof rainproof one. I would think you could hike in what you have listed. Layers are essential. How are you travelling across Canada and where are you coming from? Where do you plan to stop? May anywhere in Canada can be quite iffy. Hot, cold, rainy, sunny, even snowy in parts. Are the things you list as wearing in addition to what you list as taking? E.g. Are you taking 2icebreaker t's and wearing one or are you only taking one? Where you come from is relevant as well. If you are from Iceland you will need shorts and tank tops (hardy folk those Icelanders) and if you are from warmer climes you may need more layers.


      You will definitely need a jacket! I would not be surprised if somewhere along the way you run into snow. May can be crazy!


        Watch the weather reports. You may well be in snow and below-freezing temperatures. You may want to add some ice breaker or silk long underwear, warm hat, gloves/mittens, and scarf, in addition to a warm jacket.

        Also, you will want to bring a camera!

        Oh...and some polarized sunglasses.

        ETA: you might also want to bring boots--maybe wear them on the flight out to save room?
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          @ Jannilee I'm an Australian I use the tanks to layer, but I could take just two one to wear and one to sleep in. I better get on this jacket business-anyone have any recommendations for a light weight windproof rainproof jacket? Here's the total list of where we're going:
          St John Newfoundland
          We're pretty much covering the whole spectrum Except for Tofino which I would've loved to visit And yep what I'm wearing is as well ie I've packed one icebreaker t-shirt and worn one= 2 icebreaker t-shirts

          @ Rocks I'm going to have to put a rush on finding this jacket!

          @ Melissa Pretty much all my t-shirts/long sleeves are icebreaker, love that stuff I'll replace the tank top with a scarf and hat I mostly use my phone and ipad for pics I didn't mention my sunnies as they are always jammed on my head LOL I've been think about boots....they are such a pain cause they are so bulky!



            Since Vancouver is on what we call the "wet coast" you would probably find it easier to find a good reasonably priced one there than in Australia. There are lots of good brands between $100 and $200 CAD. Buy boots here if you need them. If you get cheap rain boots you wont feel bad about leaving them behind when you go home and you may not need them at all.


              For a lightweight jacket a really popular one amongst ultralight packers is the OR helium 2 which is available at Mountain Equipment Co-op in Vancouver and every other city in your itinerary except Jasper and PEI. As for footwear you could maybe replace your comfy walking shoes with some light gore-tex lined hikers.

              Enjoy your trip. I might be a bit biased but Canada really is a beautiful country, I have been criss-crossing it for years and it never ceases to amaze me. Even if the weather sometimes sucks...


                Thanks guys I guess I'll pick-up a coat (and shoes if needed!) when I get there.
                @ Miking I'm looking forward to seeing everything This trip is with my mother but I'm hoping to return solo on a 2 year work visa sometime in the future.



                  Peppin, you will absolutlry want a light and packable jacket. I'd cut back to two tank tops and three undwear. Sink washing is so easy I wouldn't schleep the extra weight for five weeks. If you can cut back to packing only two pairs of shoes I think that would be a plus as well. Looking forward to the photos too.
                  List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


                    @ Moose thanks for the advice I'll try a few different configurations and see how I go. Luckily the ballet flats are really tiny cause they fold in half so they don't take up much space


                      I would expect temperatures to hit daytime highs of around 15 degrees (Celsius) and nighttime lows of around 5 degrees across most of the country. There will certainly be days and nights outside of this range, but your list looks like it'll be able to handle that. I expect you would get use out of a light jacket, like a fleece or soft shell, but anything heavier will be overkill. I would skip the hat and scarf myself (the hoodie will probably do in most circumstances, and if you find you need them you can easily pick them up somewhere).

                      You will certainly see some rainy days, but personally I'd just plan to find indoor things to do on those days and carry a compact umbrella for getting around. A soft shell will give you a bit of rain protection too. I would not want to lug rain boots, but YMMV.

                      It is possible to see snow fall in May, but it wouldn't likely last long - maybe a day or so in most places. Can't guarantee it, of course, but I would just again plan to find indoor things if it comes up, or pick up an extra layer when you get here if it looks like you need it.

                      If you want to hike, there are lots of options, but what to bring for it depends on exactly what type of hiking you're planning. Running shoes will probably do unless you're going somewhere really off the beaten path, and even then may still work depending on the length of the hike, and your particular bones!


                        I was just in Perth and checked out the Katmandu shop. Nice stuff, similar to what Mountain Equipment sells here in Canada but I personally think clothes are cheaper here generally. I loved Western Australia but was aware that it is more expensive that Vancouver. A jacket would be a nice souvenir, if you might have time to shop.

                        Enjoy this beautiful country - I sure did love the small part of your's that I saw.


                          Thanks guys, really appreciate the advice! I'll have a couple of mock packs over the week and see how it looks


                            Just to hop on Miking's advice regarding footwear: if you decide to get new shoes, get them immediately and start walking in them, and take a few hikes if possible. Nothing's more miserable than going day-in, day-out in new, unbroken-in shoes.

                            Have fun on what sounds like an amazing and enviable journey!


                              Peppin, have you considered a lightweight, dressy sweater to wear with your dress in the evenings? It's the only thing suggestion I would make, besides the packable jacket that others have mentioned. Enjoy your trip! Canada is beautiful!